NEW: ARCHICAD Templates & Office Standards Training Course

Masters of ArchiCAD Training logoEnrollment is now open for the next course in the Masters of ARCHICAD Training Series starting on Wednesday October 26.

It focuses on a very important topic:
ARCHICAD Templates and Office Standards.

ARCHICAD projects run smoother and more efficiently when based on a template that builds in resources and settings that are optimized for your office. Graphisoft supplies templates with each copy of ARCHICAD, and there are a number of publicly or commercially available products on the market.

Most successful ARCHICAD-based offices have customized a template for starting new projects, based on either the Graphisoft version or one of the others sold or distributed online. Some more sophisticated (and dedicated) users have even started from scratch to make something that is exactly the way they want it.

In this course, we’ll start with the fundamentals then voyage into some of the furthest reaches of what’s possible in terms of optimization and customization.

I’ll compare the Graphisoft template with a number of public and commercial templates, and explore the similarities and differences. I’ll also interview a number of advanced users to uncover some of the coolest, ninja tricks that can save you time and amplify the power of ARCHICAD.

The course will be offered as a 4 week series of live presentations via GoToWebinar on Wednesdays at 1 PM U.S. Pacific starting October 26.

Sessions will be recorded and made available for permanent reference in the Masters of ARCHICAD member website.

Standard price will be $197, with an introductory launch special of $97.


cropped-eric-bobrow-headshot-circle-revised.jpgI’ve been a passionate believer in ArchiCAD for well over 25 years, as a successful reseller and veteran consultant, trainer and author. Back in 2007, I worked with California architect Scott Bulmer to create MasterTemplate, the first widely used independent template for ArchiCAD. Over the years since then, versions have been produced for 11 major ArchiCAD editions, with more than 1,350 registered users in the USA and over 65 countries around the world.

Templates are an increasingly popular topic in ArchiCAD circles. In the last few years, Jared Banks started sharing his Open Template and commercial templates have been introduced by BIM6x, Skewed, MacInteract and others. Recently Graphisoft North America offered an ArchiPLUS training on templates and explained their basic functionality and setup.

This course will provide all of us an opportunity to study multiple templates: starting with the Graphisoft USA and International versions, then looking at MasterTemplate, Open Template, BIM6X as well as a number of files shared by individual ArchiCAD experts.

I’m working out the details of the course materials now, however the basic structure will probably be:

  1. Template basics, overview, Graphisoft USA and International templates
  2. MasterTemplate – Best Practices embedded into the project file structure
  3. Open Template (Jared Banks) and BIM6X – innovation and systematization
  4. Interviews with ArchiCAD Experts – study of their personal, customized templates

CLICK HERE to join us for this exciting deep-dive into the world of ARCHICAD Templates and Office Standards!

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