ArchiCAD Tutorial | Video Tip – Streamline Layers

Simplify one part of ArchiCAD that you use frequently – the popup layer palette in the Info Box. This 6 minute video shows how to use one of the Options menu – Work Environment settings to Hide Locked Layers in Popup Palettes, and give yourself the gift of a much shorter, less confusing layer menu to work with.


There is an extra trick shown in this video too, that will help you quickly take care of locking hidden layers, essential for this Work Environment setting to do any good.

You can learn this method instantly and use it right away — it’s that easy. Please watch it, then TRY IT OUT and share your comments below!



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Hagit Popper - February 21, 2018

Time saving, explaining the program principles and rational at its best. As always, with the tutorial you so kindly share. Thank you Eric.


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