ARCHICAD QuickTip #1 Video Tutorial

This ARCHICAD video tutorial is the first in a new series of QuickTips based on questions sent in by members of my ARCHICAD Coaching Program.


In this short video, I demonstrate how to:

  1. Show the actual components of wall composites in 3D cutaways using the marquee tool by changing view settings
  2. Cleanly finish off the end of a free-standing interior wall with drywall
  3. Ensure that both ends of a window opening show nice clean solid lines
  4. Change the interior wall surface for just one room
  5. Remove the backsplash off a cabinet and apply tile to the wall surface
  6. Set the starting point for tiles to give a whole tile in the desired location
  7. Push the cabinet back into the wall to the face of framing and remove the overlap using Solid Element Operations
  8. Remove faceting to make a smooth wash basin by increasing the 3D resolution of curvature

These questions were compiled from recent sessions of my ARCHICAD Coaching Program. Members of the program get my personal assistance in working with ARCHICAD.

For more information or to sign up for ARCHICAD Coaching, please visit http://www.bobrow.com/coaching.

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Luis - December 21, 2016

This is exactly the level detail I’ve been looking for! The Coaching program has been very helpful in resolving the representation of these issues.

These tips are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Miguel - December 21, 2016

Very useful indeed!

A.J. Soltani - December 21, 2016

Dear BOBROW consulting group management a staff

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everywhere. It is the best time to celebrate the joy of
this wonderful time and have fun with your friends,
family and loved ones.
would like to wish you

A, Jalil, Soltani

Sunil - December 26, 2016

This are the kind of tutorials which are worth going thru!Great work Mr.Bobrow. We look forward to more of such such tutorials in archicad.

Mariya - January 9, 2017

Very useful video, as usual! Thank you Eric! I admire the way you create your lessons!


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