ArchiCAD Tutorial | Video Tip – Material Schemes

I’m continuing to create free ArchiCAD tutorials for my YouTube channel, a process I greatly enjoy. My latest one is focused on creating “Material Schemes” – sets of material definitions that you can swap in and out on the fly while working alone or with a client.

This question came up recently in one of the coaching calls that I do with members of the Best Practices Course. “How can I save different versions of the materials for a project, so that I can switch quickly between them?”

I came up with a clever way to use Attribute Manager that makes this very easy. It’s so quick, you can swap materials virtually instantly while you sit with your client. Watch this and see how you can do it.


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kidist demsew - March 20, 2015

very interesting

Eddy - June 18, 2018

The study has been helpful, thanks

samkivuna - August 23, 2018


Ivan - April 7, 2019

Awsom video i’ve learned alot from it

dzemwa solomon - August 5, 2019

the tutorial has been quite helpful to me

RAJESH BHISE - September 20, 2020

Very informative and useful.


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