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I’m back!

Back in May I had a heart attack (see earlier post for details).

After release from the hospital, I took my time ramping up my work schedule, being sure to get plenty of rest, eating healthy, and walking a lot every day.

It's been 4 months now since I got out of the hospital, and I'm feeling good, and have been exercising EVERY day (which is amazing and feels great).

At 67 years old, I feel like I have a new lease on life. (A friend suggested I "get that in writing"...)

I have been very busy with my Architect Marketing Institute business development coaching program with my amazing partner Richard Petrie and our team, however I haven't put much energy into my Archicad work. It's time to adjust the balance, and share my gifts and passion about Archicad again with users around the world.

I've resumed teaching my Archicad Best Practices 2020 training course, continue to offer weekly Archicad Coaching Program small group webinars, as well as my monthly ARCHICAD USER webinar series.

MasterTemplate 25 will finally be released - I apologize for the delay in getting this out the door. Look for an announcement soon...

I'm back!

ARCHICAD USER Webinar – Two Veterans Pushing the Limits

The August 2020 ARCHICAD USER webinar will feature two veteran users with different backgrounds and ways of approaching things. 

They will each show us how they work, and share tips and methods to save time and deliver better projects.

One of them has used Archicad even longer than I have - Duane Valencia is one of the "original masters" of Archicad!

For complete information, and to sign up, please visit the ARCHICAD USER website.

If you miss the live session, the recording will be posted on my YouTube channel as well as on the ARCHICAD USER site.


VR for Architects – New Twinmotion Course

Twinmotion image of ARCHICAD model by 2e Architects

I'm pleased to announce (and co-produce) a new Twinmotion training course VR for Architects, which will be taught by my old friend Peter Twohy of 2e Architects in Timonium Maryland USA, who was featured this week in the April ARCHICAD USER webinar.

Twinmotion is a powerful rendering and animation tool that is currently available at no charge for ARCHICAD users. 

It allows you to create STUNNING images that are for more realistic and attention-grabbing than what is possible in the 3D window or even Cinerender.

​Many users have asked me "can you teach us how to use Twinmotion" and I've had to say "I'm not an expert, I don't have much experience yet with this tool."

Well, I have found the perfect person to teach this class - someone I like and respect on many levels.

I’ve known Peter for a long time, originally as a member of my ARCHICAD Best Practices Course, then later as a charter member of my Internet Marketing for Architects course and the Architect Marketing Institute.

Peter’s practice has gone from “taking anything I can get” - from local porch remodels on up - to whole house remodels and new luxury home design throughout the eastern U.S.


Because he’s become an expert ARCHICAD user AND an expert architect marketer.

I've just posted a recording of our April ARCHICAD USER webinar, in which Peter gave us all a tour of several projects, highlighting his efficient ARCHICAD design and documentation process as well as his groundbreaking usage of TwinMotion visualization and full Virtual Reality immersion (which he says “makes clients’ jaws drop”).

Peter was assisted in this presentation by his right-hand man, Chris Dvorak, who takes the design models Peter creates and develops them for working drawings as well as detailed visualization.

The presentation was an eye-opening show revealing how far you can take your own ARCHICAD models - when you use these fantastic tools to their fullest potential.

NEW: VR for Architects Website

Check out the new VR for Architects website for info on Peter's upcoming free webinar as well as the new Twinmotion course. You'll also see some rather impressive images and animations that Peter produces "almost effortlessly" from his ARCHICAD model.

Peter says that setting things up for Twinmotion visualization adds about 5% more effort to his project hours, while giving him a powerful advantage in winning projects. He actually saves time in client meetings - "they get it" and can make decisions more quickly.

The free webinar on May 4th (Peter jokes "may the force be with you") is titled:
"VR for Architects - Learn How to Make Your Clients' Jaws Drop!" 

The new course launches May 11th - visit the website to sign up with discounted intro pricing (scroll down or click the link in the navigation bar).

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them - post a comment here, or email info (at)

ARCHICAD 23 Announced! (plus other Updates, News and 3 calls for volunteers…)

Graphisoft announces ARCHICAD 23!

The new version offers greater speed as well as enhanced features. For the announcement and details on what's new and improved, check out this page.

  • "ARCHICAD 23 vastly improves perceived performance of essential processes such as software startup, file opening, working in multi-project environments and switching between different views of the BIM project. 
  • The brand-new Opening, Column and Beam tools increase modeling accuracy and interoperability with engineering disciplines."

I'll be studying the new version closely to see how it changes the Best Practices workflow; often the more subtle changes (not highlighted in headlines) make a significant difference in daily work.

Graphisoft will demonstrate the new version in a special presentation at their Key Client Conference in Las Vegas June 4th that will be broadcast worldwide.

Learn more about AC23 and/or sign up for the broadcast here.

The ARCHICAD USER Jobs Board is BUSY (and totally free)

I announced the ARCHICAD USER Jobs Board one month ago, and it already has 32 positions listed, 23 applications submitted and 16 people who have posted resumes as they seek freelance or employment opportunities.

One fascinating and useful feature of the board is the Google Maps visualization of job postings showing location and offering direct links to the posts directly from the map.

The Jobs Board is a free service helping to connect ARCHICAD USERs worldwide. There are listings from the UK, Europe and Australia as well as North America.

Register free at and follow the simple instructions to create an employer profile (if you'd like to post a job or an opening for a freelance consultant) or upload your resume and background (if you're seeking an opportunity to use your ARCHICAD skills).

Note: If you've registered for the ARCHICAD USER monthly webinars then you've already got an account on the website. You can simply login or use the Forgot Password option to get a reminder allowing you to login to the site.


While you're there, I encourage you to add or update your listing on the ARCHICAD USER directory to proudly show that you are an ARCHICAD USER!

You can find other users near you on the users by country page; or type in your city or state in the search field of the main directory to discover new colleagues to connect with.


I met today with John Hallgarth of ContraBIM to finalize plans for the new ARCHICAD Quantity Takeoffs and Cost Estimation training course and template.

John has been featured on two ARCHICAD USER monthly webinars (August 2018 and March 2019) showcasing his impressive system for deriving accurate quantities and costs from ARCHICAD models. We're working together to create a new course and an add-on for MasterTemplate that will make it easy for any ARCHICAD user to get this data and create useful, attractive reports.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are looking for one or more projects to use as examples for testing and demonstration purposes.

If you've done a project, or are currently working on one, that could benefit from detailed quantity and cost analysis, I invite you to reply to this email with a little info (type of project, size, rough construction budget, and how far along you are in the design process) along with one or more 3d images.

Preference will be given to projects done using MasterTemplate, although all projects will be considered as long as they are modeled in detail and can benefit from quantity and cost reporting.

One or more projects will be chosen for study and use in demonstrations, and the architects or designers who submit them will be given free access to the new course and template system.

We're moving quickly on this, so if you're interested, let us know right away so we can take a look at what you've got.

To inquire or submit your project for consideration, email


I'm looking for volunteers (or referrals) for upcoming ARCHICAD USER monthly webinar presentations.

Each month I feature one or more ARCHICAD USERs on these live meetings, and we look at their projects and how they work with ARCHICAD.

Most frequently, we showcase experienced users who share interesting and noteworthy projects or innovative workflow approaches. They are an inspiration to all of us and we can all learn from their experience.

Sometimes I run a project clinic, taking submissions from users around the world who want me to review their project file and give them suggestions to optimize their file structure or organization, or to develop or improve their model.

If you're interested in participating in an upcoming ARCHICAD USER webinar, either as a featured guest for a showcase or as part of a Project Review clinic, let me know.

The next AU webinar is now planned for Thursday May 23 - YOU could be on it!
Email and perhaps I can interview you or help you with your project.

Wishing you the best in your ARCHICAD journey,

Eric Bobrow
Your friendly ARCHICAD Guru


65 Years on the Planet, 30 Years with ARCHICAD – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Today, April 18th 2019 is my 65th birthday!

And by coincidence (in terms of important milestones), it's my 30th year working with ARCHICAD; and last week, my ARCHICAD Tutorials YouTube channel reached 25,000 subscribers.

I'm sharing the event with my ARCHICAD tribe, and you're invited (of course) to celebrate with me this special occasion in a special edition of the ARCHICAD USER monthly webinar. 

In today's session, I'll be giving you my perspective on the ARCHICAD journey along with two guests who played very important roles.

If you're not already registered, click here to join us at 1 pm PDT or you can catch the recording later on the ARCHICAD USER website.


If I've helped you along the ARCHICAD journey, with my tutorials, training courses or MasterTemplate, here are two ways you can give me a birthday gift:

  1. Write up a testimonial about my work and how it has helped you on this page
  2. Buy one of my ARCHICAD products during my BIG 65th birthday sale, which runs through the end of May.

Help me celebrate at

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