We do consulting. That’s why the company is named Bobrow Consulting Group.

Any other questions?

Perhaps you might like to know what we can handle for you. We can help you with almost anything related to ArchiCAD – training, implementation assistance, project assistance, production, rendering, animation, GDL programming, etc.

We also do web stuff. I create and maintain all of my web properties at this point (www.bobrow.com, www.acbestpractices.com, www.actemplate.com) as well as several for my wife. I’ve created websites for clients and have consultants who work with me or independently to create or enhance websites on contract. If you have an interesting web project, and you think it would be cool to work with me and/or my team, give me a call.

I’m getting really immersed in the new world of web 2.0 and 3.0 (no, I can’t tell you exactly what that is, but I can feel it coming) and the wild and wooly world of internet marketing. I’m becoming an expert in all this stuff, sometimes taking too much time away from the ArchiCAD stuff. Alas, there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep a few of them – not too many, I assure you.

Anyway, this is an area that I may pursue even more before too long. There are so many things that can make our lives better, that can help our businesses connect with customers better, and I love learning what’s possible and helping people achieve their dreams and goals with technology. So we’ll just have to see how far I go into this as a consultant, won’t we?

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Erik Johnson - August 22, 2014


I purchased the Master Template more than a year ago and have been generally pleased with the product. I would like to discuss with you how to have the template stripped down and customized to best accommodate my small residential practice. Please contact me to discuss the services you offer.


    Eric Bobrow - August 22, 2014

    Hello Erik –
    Thanks for your post – I’m glad to know that MasterTemplate has been generally helpful for you with your ArchiCAD work.
    I will send you an email to discuss what you need.
    Also – feel free to call me at 310-569-5916.

roberto gimenez - November 1, 2016

I have a file teamwork in version 19 and will move to version 20, it has some part as an embedded module, as I do?
Thank you!

    Eric Bobrow - November 3, 2016

    Hi Roberto –
    When you open the main file in 20, it will likely report that the module is missing; it will not cause a problem, since the data will still be there, however to relink the module (and eliminate the warning message) you will need to open the module file in AC20 and save a new version; then switch out the hotlink to the new version.

daftone githinji - December 11, 2017

Have been experiencing some difficulties SOMETIMES not all times when am opening my sections and elevations for editing it will sometimes take very long time to open even sometimes it will just keep on generating and nothing goes on.
What might be the problem please help.

Qinghua Xu - July 30, 2018

Hello, I haven’t contacted for a long time, I want to cooperate with you, architectural design. I have mapped the plan here, you help me model, charge according to the model, how much a model, depending on the complexity of the discussion! Interested? My contact information is xqhsteel@163.com, Tel: (86) 13882216111


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