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ARCHICAD 21 introduces powerful new technology to create and manage Stairs and Railings. When I first saw this demonstrated at the Graphisoft BIM Conference in Las Vegas in March 2017, I knew that it was an exciting game changer, with virtually limitless possibilities.

I also knew that it would have to be extremely complex in terms of options and controls in order to handle the wide range of designs and building contexts that ARCHICAD users would throw at it. It was clear that learning to work comfortably and efficiently might be a challenge, even though the systems and structures appeared to be intuitive and well-suited to the requirements.


When I started to work with these tools in July while teaching my ARCHICAD 21 Upgrade Training Course, I found the learning curve to be even steeper than I imagined. I struggled with some things that should have been easy, but were controlled in unexpected ways: for example, how to make the beginning or end post of a railing extend beyond the stair to rest on the landing.

I put in dozens and dozens of hours, working through the settings to craft stairs and railings that matched various designs, or to replicate some of the built-in objects provided in earlier versions.

After a long while, I understood the methods, settings and strategies on a deeper level. It was as if I had immersed myself in a foreign country and forced myself to only speak their language; after a while it became natural and now I can easily and naturally find my way.

In my ARCHICAD Stairs & Railings Training Course, I’ll teach you the new language so you can find your way and work comfortably and efficiently with these powerful tools.


In four 90 minute live online webinar sessions, we go over:

  • How to think about your stairs and railings in the context of your project model
  • Initial settings and Favorites that will make your life easier
  • The various structural styles of stairs and how to choose the closest match to your design ideas and requirements
  • Railing styles and associativity and how to lock in your design intent
  • Levels of hierarchy and control – how to get these tools to behave and do what you want
  • Customizing components: stair treads, newel posts, balusters, railing ends and connections
  • Railing transitions and connections – the things you absolutely have to know
  • Understanding how parts are linked together and knowing how to break links when necessary
  • Editing modes that allow selection and modification of hidden components
  • Using the tools in unconventional ways to handle other modeling challenges
  • Knowing where to look: how to diagnose issues and fix them quickly
  • Step by step: building common and uncommon stair and railing designs

BONUS: I’ll also show you how to load back into your ARCHICAD 21 project all of the old standard railings and stairs, so that you can continue to use them while you’re learning all of the new methods. This does NOT happen automatically when you migrate a project, and in fact Graphisoft makes this a bit tricky to pull off – but it’s easy when you know how.


The course was presented live during 4 webinar sessions in October and November 2017.

All sessions have been recorded and posted for easy access on the Masters of ARCHICAD member website.

The course registration fee is only $297. It will save you a huge amount of time and frustration.

Please post your comments or questions below, or email me at support@bobrow.com.

I look forward to sharing this new course with you and the entire ARCHICAD community!

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Mike P Venechuk - July 4, 2018

Hi Eric,

If I were to sign up for the Best Practices Course, is this 4 part Stairs and Railing course included with it?

Eric Bobrow - July 4, 2018

Mike – That’s a great idea – I’ll be happy to throw it in with your purchase of the Best Practices Course if you sign up now.
– Eric

Brent Hutchinson - July 9, 2018


I purchased the Best Practices Course today. I have upgraded to ArchiCad 21, and I’m afraid that I should have purchased Masters of ArchiCad 2017 instead. I’m also interested in the ArchiCad 21 Stairs and Railings and Upgrade Training Classes. What should I do now?

Eric Bobrow - July 9, 2018

Brent – Thanks for your purchase of my training materials today. I’ll give you a call and we can discuss your needs and work out an arrangement for you to get the best combination of resources for your firm.
– Eric

Craig Wilson - March 28, 2020

Hi Eric, I am working in v23. does this include all the upgrades to this version?



Mamady Camara - June 12, 2021

I am very sorry to hear about your heart problem. Thank God you are safe and wish you all the best.
By the way need a good discount on Stairs and Railings course. Much appreciated your help. I am having serious problem with this new archicad tools. I know this is not a right time to ask you a such favour.
Best Rgards,
Mamady Camara


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