New ARCHICAD Tutorial on Stairs & Railings – “Subtle Controls”

The new Stair and Railing Tools in ARCHICAD 21 are very powerful and flexible. While generally intuitive in approach, due to the inherent complexity of the design options, there are many essential settings, buttons and input fields that are not obvious and take a while to figure out.

In my latest ARCHICAD video tutorial, I share some of the “subtle controls” that I discovered through dozens of hours of experimentation as I developed a wide range of stairs and railings over the past few months.

This 17 minute presentation is packed with carefully explained step by step sequences that demonstrate some of the essential methods that are NOT obvious yet you absolutely need to know in order to “get the job done.”

To really get the most out of these new tools (and even to get the basics done and out the door) requires careful study and patience.

If you’d like to shorten your learning curve, check out my new training course on ARCHICAD Stairs & Railings. I will present it as a series of 4 live online webinars starting tomorrow October 12 which will run over the next few weeks. Video recordings will be posted for permanent reference (and believe me, you’ll want to refer to them more than once to fully absorb the materials).

You can sign up now and join us live (which means you can ask questions and submit challenging examples for me to model or explain how to approach) or purchase the course later; either way you can watch the training sessions at your convenience.

For more information and to sign up for the ARCHICAD Stairs & Railings Training Course, click here.

NOTE: The new course is offered at half price during the intro sale for a very limited time.

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J Allan - October 12, 2017

Thank you Eric. That was so informative and useful. Something Graphisoft should have included amongst the numerous stair tutorials on its website.


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