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My latest free ArchiCAD video tutorial – How to Label Elements Automatically

I have just completed another in my series of free ArchiCAD video tutorials, which you’ll find on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel.

ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Label Elements AutomaticallyArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Label Elements Automatically

ArchiCAD Label Tool – The Little-Known Symbol Option

This 21 minute tutorial shows how to use the Symbol option in the Label tool to automatically label objects, doors and windows with their ID, ensuring coordination of annotation with schedules and other drawings.

Tips are included for how to apply this approach on plan to label furniture and equipment, and in elevation and section drawings to place markers for doors and windows.

There is also a demonstration of how to use ArchiCAD’s Element ID Manager to automatically number or renumber doors and window in any desired sequence.

Eric Bobrow

P.S. You’ll find more free ArchiCAD tutorials on my YouTube channel as well as here on this website.

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