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How to Unleash ArchiCAD's Hidden Power - free webinar seriesIn June of this year I put together a powerful one hour training webinar with some of my best tips – things you can learn quickly and apply:

How to Unleash ArchiCAD’s Hidden Power

Over 300 people attended this presentation and the feedback was extremely positive. A lot of people asked me to schedule more sessions because they missed it, but circumstances prevented it at the time.

I have good news! As part of my Best Practices Course anniversary celebration, I’ve revamped this popular and powerful one hour training and will offer it FREE four times over the next 3 days on the following schedule:

  • Tuesday December 13 at 4 pm PST
  • Wednesday December 14 at 9 am PST
  • Wednesday December 14 at 6 pm PST
  • Thursday December 15 at 9 am PST

Now I know this is short notice, but the idea just came up, and I decided on the spur of the moment that this could be one more thing that I could give to you as part of this celebration. So I said to myself: “let’s go for it!”

It’s possible I may be able to record it and offer a replay, or schedule more sessions later this month, but I’m not sure. If you want to catch it, make sure you sign up for one of this week’s sessions on this page:



I’m really excited about this, since it’s probably the most audacious thing I’ve ever done.

After interviewing a number of the members of the Best Practices Course I was able to crystallize the most powerful things that people love from this course into a dynamic presentation that’s really going to open your eyes WIDE.
I’ve picked out the best of the stuff I teach, and I’m going to give it to you for free!
I was astonished to learn from my course members that many of them are now saving 25% to 50% or more on their production time, winning competitive projects, and generally having more fun with ArchiCAD – which they tell me is a direct result of what they’ve learned from the course.

I’ve been recording and analyzing their interviews and emailed comments, which have helped me to identify the key Best Practices concepts and ideas that made the most difference. I’ll be sharing with you some of the stories of their transformation as I teach you these gems.


Sign up for one of my live webinar training sessions this week to learn:

  • 14 easy to implement methods that will help you reduce production time 25% to 50% or more
  • 8 simple tricks to enhance your presentations so that you win your next project
  • 5 common mistakes that are probably hurting you and how to easily fix them
  • 18 great free resources that will help you improve your ArchiCAD skills

I’ll be doing this live one hour presentation on 4 different dates and times this week, so I hope there will be one that you can catch. I’m NOT planning on posting this webinar for on-demand viewing, so if you want to see what I’ve got to share with you (and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t), go NOW to this registration page, pick a time and sign up:


By the way, when you attend the webinar, you’ll get a couple of free bonuses – just for showing up. These are pretty cool – you’ll like them…

I look forward to sharing this presentation with you, and getting your feedback. I just know you’re going to love it!



To celebrate our first anniversary, and to thank you for subscribing to my emails, from now until December 16 you can steal a HUGE $200 discount off the standard registration fee!

Best Practices ArchiCAD training course – now on sale!

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