My Favorite ArchiCAD Tutorial – a real time saver…

Yet another ArchiCAD Tutorial from Eric Bobrow ;->

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite ArchiCAD tutorials:

Favorites_Video_Tip_Splash_with_play_buttonArchiCAD Tutorial | Use ArchiCAD’s Favorites Palette to Save Time

In just 11 minutes, I’ll show you how to quickly set up and take best advantage of the ArchiCAD Favorites palette to speed up work within a project.

This is a built-in tool that I find a lot of designers just don’t use. Many people find it a bit cumbersome because they don’t understand the Best Practices for how to grab dozens of favorites in just a few minutes, and save them so they’re available any time you need them. This short list of common components can be perfectly customized so it suits you like a glove.

I share a “trick” that makes it really easy to have this set of favorites at hand any time. It’s especially useful when starting a new project.

Check it out over the weekend!

P.S. Next week I’ll launch my ArchiCAD Training March Madness! (Stay tuned…)

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