Wow! My ArchiCAD Tutorials have over 800,000 Views!

Eric Bobrow's ArchiCAD Tutorials channel on YouTubeLast year at this time I celebrated with a press release, jubilant that my ArchiCAD video tutorials were reaching such a large audience: 200,000 views and 1,000 subscribers.

I had no idea how quickly this would grow.

In the past year, views and subscribers for my ArchiCAD Tutorials channel on YouTube have quadrupled.

I’ve continued to develop new material, and have now posted over 13 hours of free ArchiCAD training in 39 videos.

As a result, as of today, my ArchiCAD tutorials channel has 800,264 views and 3,944 subscribers from 213 countries!

Thank you to all of the ArchiCAD users around the world. You continue to motivate me with your comments and appreciation.

Thank you to Graphisoft for creating such a powerful and magical product that can be used to design and document buildings of virtually all sizes and styles. I’m still in love with this software!

I am excited to continue creating these free tutorials, as well as developing my Best Practices Course.

If You Like My Free ArchiCAD Tutorials…

If you like my free stuff, you’ll love my comprehensive ArchiCAD training – the Best Practices Course – with 97 carefully organized video lessons totaling over 47 hours at this point, and more on the way. Best Practices includes the ArchiCAD basic training QuickStart Course, which is also available separately.

PLUS when you enroll in the Best Practices Course, you also join my ArchiCAD Coaching Program which offers three live webinar Q&A sessions each month. Ask me anything you like about ArchiCAD and I’ll do my best to answer! There are over 85 coaching sessions meticulously indexed and available for viewing in the course member area – over 150 hours – more than enough to keep you busy for a very long time – or to answer virtually every question you might have.

What Should I Focus My Next ArchiCAD Tutorial On?

I am dedicated to helping ArchiCAD users and look forward to working with YOU to help you get the most out of this powerful tool!

I’m planning my next video tutorials for the YouTube channel and would love to get your input. What questions do you have? What would you like me to focus on next time?

Post a comment here and let me know.

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