My ArchiCAD Thanksgiving Gift to You: A New Tutorial Video on YouTube

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I’m immensely grateful to you and all ArchiCAD users. Thank you for being in my life as a client, colleague, student, friend and/or fan.

I love my work, and love helping you get the most out of ArchiCAD. For 25 years I have had the special pleasure of working with talented design professionals and seeing you learn and become more skillful, productive and capable.

For many of you, there has been a breakthrough to a profound sense of freedom, in which the tool bends to your will and imagination, allowing you to share your unique gifts and vision in new ways.

I see the light come into your eyes, a smile on your face, and I know why I continue to do this year after year.


As a small token of my appreciation, I offer you a new ArchiCAD video tutorial for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

ArchiCAD Tutorial | More Realistic Interior Views Using Backdrop Photos for Context

ArchiCAD Tutorial | More Realistic Interior Views Using Backdrop Photos for Context
Make views from inside your ArchiCAD model feel more natural by showing the actual site as you look out the windows. This brand new lesson from my Best Practices Course (comprehensive ArchiCAD training) shows you how to create a surprisingly realistic visual context for your model.

You’ll learn how to place a backdrop image on a large distant surface, similar to what is done in movies. The illusion is highly effective for interior scenes in which the backdrop is seen through the windows.

In this 15 minute quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create a new surface material using a graphic file
  2. Apply that surface to a curved wall, and set the origin, scale and repeat pattern to suit your needs
  3. Use a simple method to force the 3D view to update when you adjust the surface settings
  4. Add emission to the surface to brighten the image
  5. Tweak the position of your backdrop while looking from inside the building using the Filter Elements in 3D command to temporarily remove the windows and doors

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Eric Bobrow

November 27, 2014 – Thanksgiving!

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