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Eric-Bobrow-in-nature-with-Tilley-hatI will be hosting another one of my free online Hangouts for ArchiCAD users this Wednesday June 4 at 1 pm PDT.



In this free one hour session, I’ll share my observations about ArchiCAD 18, and answer your questions about the new version as well as general questions about how to do things in ArchiCAD.

Send me your questions ahead of time via LinkedIn private message or email eric@bobrow.com.

I’ll pick some of the most interesting ones to address during the call, including beginner topics as well as a few more advanced questions.

There will be some major announcements during the session – I hope you can join us.

As of tonight, we’ve got 115 people signed up. It should be a lot of fun! (And serious business too.)

One of the cool things that has happened in previous hangouts is that the chat box is open, so people can see each other’s comments during the session. It makes for a lively atmosphere, with comments flying back and forth about ArchiCAD, sharing the experience together.

Send in your questions for the session (I will pick some of the most interesting ones to answer) via email to eric@bobrow.com.

We’ll be doing these hangouts once every month or so, building our community together, and connecting ArchiCAD users from around the world.


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Charity - February 19, 2020

Hi Eric
hope you are well
I did purchase master template 2018. On a previous video you mentioned how archicad has a CD of free textures ( full textures with all the layers) you said you compiled them for free download. is this available on mastertemplate ? Or can I download them from somewhere. If I can please share the link i really need them thanks !


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