MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 17!

MasterTemplate - the Office Standard for ArchiCADI’m pleased and proud to announce that the U.S. version of MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 17 is now available for purchase and download. The International version will be released within one to two weeks. [UPDATE: The International version was released on August 30, 2013, and is available for download in the MasterTemplate website member area.]

MasterTemplate is the leading independent template for ArchiCAD users, with over 930 licensed users from 65 countries. It provides a robust office standard that embeds best practices principles into the project structure.

MasterTemplate is fully usable “straight out of the box” yet completely customizable to suit the needs, preferences and graphic standards of both small and large offices and any type or size of project that ArchiCAD can handle.


AMT 17 (MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 17) has been rebuilt “from the ground up” to provide maximum compatibility and optimized performance. Many new features have been added based on feedback and requests from users.

We have licensed Total Zone and several other components from the highly regarded GDL developer Master Script to provide even better and faster workflow and graphic output. These tools, with a combined retail value of 66 Euro (about $88 USD), are now bundled with each license of AMT 17.

The list prices for AMT 17 new licenses and upgrades have been adjusted slightly to reflect the increased value and massive effort that went into the preparation of the latest version.

Through the end of August, MasterTemplate is on sale for only $247, a savings of $50 off the new price of $297.
[UPDATE: This introductory sale has been extended – the special offer is good through September 30, 2013.]

CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase MasterTemplate 17

Upgrades from earlier versions of MasterTemplate are available for only $95, a savings of $30 off the new upgrade fee of $125. To purchase or access your upgrade, please login to the member area of the MasterTemplate website. To buy an upgrade, use the MasterTemplate Upgrade link in the left-hand sidebar; to access an upgrade already purchased, use the MasterTemplate 17 sidebar link.

Release Notes with complete instructions for installation, configuration and upgrading the template are currently in preparation, and will be available shortly.


Here is a brief list of the improvements and additions in AMT 17.

  • MasterTemplate rebuilt “from the ground up”
  • Integration of Building Materials and Intersection Priorities
  • Master Script Components – Featuring Total Zone
  • Reworking of all Composites and Complex Profiles to use standard Building Materials
  • Interactive Legends and Favorites revised and extended to use ArchiCAD 17 Library and Building Materials
  • Renovation Filters revised, optimized renovation workflow
  • Updated Sample Project file
  • Structural Drawings – Layout Subset, Structural Worksheet with Notes and Legend
  • Enhanced support for Full Basements and Sublevels
  • Dedicated Layer Combinations and Views for BIMx, EcoDesigner / HVAC, and Structural / BIM Models
  • New Door and Window Schedules
  • New Electrical Plan view set
  • Preliminary conceptual design with a “foamcore model” appearance

A complete description of the new features will be created and posted on the MasterTemplate website within the next few days.


MasterTemplate is the creation of two veteran ArchiCAD masters, Eric Bobrow (renowned ArchiCAD trainer and former award-winning reseller) and Scott Bulmer (California licensed architect and experienced ArchiCAD trainer and consultant) with over 40 years of combined experience using and teaching the program.

Published originally in 2007 for ArchiCAD 11, MasterTemplate has been updated, optimized and reworked each year and now supports all ArchiCAD versions from 10 through 17 as well as the Start Edition, in both U.S. imperial and International metric formats.

MasterTemplate is a potent catalyst for any design office, helping users get better organized, work faster and produce better output. Users report time savings of 25% to 50% or more after implementing the template and incorporating all of its time-saving features.

In addition, MasterTemplate is an invaluable educational resource. A Sample Project is included that shows the template in use, which helps users more fully understand the “system” as well as the structure of ArchiCAD and how everything works in a synergistic fashion.

For complete information or to purchase a new license, visit the MasterTemplate website.

Click here to upgrade your existing MasterTemplate license.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you, and to help you get the most out of our favorite architectural software: ArchiCAD!

Best regards,
Eric Bobrow

P.S. More information about AMT17 will be posted on the MasterTemplate website shortly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at support@bobrow.com.

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Matthias Haun - October 17, 2013


What about a german version – is it existing?

Greetings from Germany
Matthias Haun

    Eric Bobrow - October 21, 2013

    Hello Matthias –

    I have been working with Joachim Suehlo to create a German version of MasterTemplate 17, which hopefully will be released this fall. We also have some German users of the International English version of MasterTemplate.

    Perhaps we might enlist you to get feedback on Joachim’s files. I’ll contact you by email to discuss this idea.


george - October 25, 2013

Dear sir

any issue with this for use in australia
using australian standards?

Most of our work is residential
and some mixed use apartment building



    Eric Bobrow - October 25, 2013

    Hi George –
    Thanks for posting your question. MasterTemplate works nicely in Australia, as it does in any location that ArchiCAD is used. We have a metric version that uses the Graphisoft international library, and have incorporated many standard Australian wall, slab and roof assemblies. You are able to add or change the template to suit your needs, but right out of the box, it’s going to give you a robust base for your projects. We have people doing residential projects of all types and sizes, including multi-unit apartments, townhouses and condos. MasterTemplate also is suitable for small to medium commercial projects, and can be adapted for use in large projects as well.

Cornelis Wegman - February 18, 2014

I find the master template incredibly complex and so different from my own less efficient setup that I am truly daunted. I don’t even know where to start its implementation. Not having a manual for AC17 doesn’t help. Little things like setting up a titleblock with one’s own logo – I’ve managed to import the logo but it is of miniscule size compare to the space allocated! Our standard is A3 for drawings – do you have any idea how much customisation is required to adapt your clever layout tools to a smaller sized sheet. Yes I know that A3 is included in the layout templates, but the default title block is hopelessly constrained by the legacy of the larger sheet sizes for which it was designed. Will I give Mastertemplate another go – I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time or patience.

    Eric Bobrow - February 18, 2014

    Hi Cornelis –

    I would like to help you out. I am going to announce a series of free MasterTemplate training webinars which will be recorded and placed in the member area to help users implement AMT. I could easily include your questions in this so that you would have in a sense a personal tutorial on what to do to reconfigure the template for A3 sheets.

    To make this as productive as possible for me, please send me a PLN file of your previous work – a small project will do – via Dropbox. Then I can quickly look it over, and ask you a few questions as needed to clarify the steps needed to get things set up in a similar fashion in MasterTemplate. I’ll then be able to incorporate this process into my training materials, so that you will have a guide, and others who have similar questions will benefit.



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