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ArchiCAD 17’s New Interface – ArchiCAD tutorial video on my YouTube channel

I just created and posted a 25 minute video lesson that explains how the new ArchiCAD 17 interface differs from previous versions:

ArchiCAD tutorial video - ArchiCAD 17 New InterfaceSome of the changes in ArchiCAD 17 have been confusing, as options have moved around. Some standard choices appear to be missing or greyed out, since they are shown only when other settings enable them. Check out this tutorial and you’ll understand how this works.

This video is useful for both experienced users (who are upgrading or migrating to ArchiCAD 17) and new users (who may be watching tutorial videos created earlier, and find that their controls look different than what they are seeing onscreen).


I’m pleased and proud to announce that my ArchiCAD Tutorials channel on YouTube recently hit one million views and now has more than 5,600 subscribers.

ArchiCAD Tutorials by Eric Bobrow – YouTube Channel

These numbers attest to the vibrancy of the ArchiCAD community, and how much people are hungry to learn and master ArchiCAD. In fact, when I looked at the report from YouTube on where people are located, over 200 countries were listed!

I will continue to produce more free video tutorials to help ArchiCAD users worldwide.

These tutorials are selected from my comprehensive training resource for ArchiCAD: the Best Practices Course. If you want to really master ArchiCAD and take full advantage of its awesome power and speed, I encourage you to check out the course at http://www.acbestpractices.com.


The latest version of our Office Standard for ArchiCAD is now available. For more information, see this announcement:


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I  look forward to reading your comments and feedback here and on the YouTube video page.

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