Registration opens for Masters of ArchiCAD Summit 2016!

The Masters of ArchiCAD Summit returns for a second year on February 4 & 5, 2016.

A dozen ArchiCAD experts from around the world share their knowledge, insights and tips in this virtual conference, a series of live webinar presentations over two full days.

All of the live sessions are recorded and may be viewed later on demand, creating a powerful, inspiring reference library of best practices, case studies and training materials.


Almost 450 ArchiCAD users participated in the 2015 Summit, one of the biggest ArchiCAD events ever held.

Feedback was extremely positive, with many attendees reporting they were “glued to their chairs.” Some wrote in that it was the most inspiring series of ArchiCAD presentations they had ever seen.

With that sort of feedback, we’ve scheduled an encore performance, or perhaps more precisely, a sequel!


Six of our most popular presenters return to share their latest projects and experiences, plus we’re adding six new presenters, dedicated ArchiCAD users doing inspiring work, to cover new topics.

Masters of ArchiCAD is a rare opportunity to peek into the working methods of experienced users, to help you learn and implement optimized strategies in your own office.

Each presenter brings their unique perspective to the virtual table, focusing on one or more projects or on a topic that they are passionate about.

Topics include:

  • conceptual design strategies and programming
  • Morph tool usage for design development
  • speed tips and tricks to boost productivity
  • hacking GDL to quickly create custom parametric objects
  • how to leverage quantity data as you design
  • automated generation of specifications and other reports
  • managing client communications for remodels and additions
  • using laser scanning and point clouds for as-built surveys of historic buildings
  • ArchiCAD case studies for live events, themed restaurants and live theater
  • and 3 more fascinating, inspiring and eminently useful presentations!

During the Summit, you’ll get to see how ArchiCAD can be deployed in different contexts, often with distinct workflows as well as building sizes and styles.


This is a can’t miss, unique event for all active ArchiCAD users. It will enrich your understanding, expand your knowledge and give you practical tools to take back to your own office.

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