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Join me for a LIVE ArchiCAD User Group Online Hangout with free ArchiCAD Coaching Q&A

Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD GuruI have a new plan for how I can help even more users around the world succeed with ArchiCAD.

  • Each month I’m going to schedule a free one hour ArchiCAD User Group Hangout
  • Every session you’ll be able to ask questions and get free ArchiCAD Coaching
  • We’ll meet live via Google Hangouts, which will be a lot of fun
  • The session recording will be posted on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel

The first live ArchiCAD Hangout will be:

Thursday March 20 at 1 pm PDT (San Francisco Time, GMT-7)

That’s 4 pm EDT / New York, 9 pm GMT / London, and 7 am Friday AEDT / Melbourne.

Click here to join us for this special live event.

I’m going to answer several questions live during the session:

  • A beginner question
  • A design or modeling question
  • A documentation or presentation question

Plus more if we have time…

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ARCHICAD QUESTIONS – email me at eric@bobrow.com.

I’ll pick the best ones and we’ll have some fun hanging out together!

I hope you can join us. The session will be recorded and posted on my YouTube channel, but it’s more fun to be there live!

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Mitchel - April 22, 2014

Are you still running these sessions? and if so, when is the next one?
Thanks and kind regards

    Eric Bobrow - May 17, 2014

    Mitchel –
    I plan to offer another ArchiCAD User Hangout in late May – I’ll be announcing the date shortly.

David Byfield - May 13, 2014

Hi Eric I am working on a indoor pool project, using the truss maker. The problem is the results are a little poor. Also the program often become slow and will freeze up. I also have no idea how I can produce trusses constructed in a triangular form curved to fit the roof.

Thank you David Byfield

    Eric Bobrow - May 17, 2014

    Hi David –

    TrussMaker is rather limited in terms of the geometry that it creates, so I prefer in general to use other modeling tools.

    If you are in ArchiCAD 16 or 17, I suggest that you use the Morph tool. You can create the shape directly in 3D, or (perhaps easier) draw it flat on the ground using multiple instances of the beam tool (rectangular, round or profiled) or slabs with cutout holes, then select these elements and convert them to a morph, then rotate into a vertical position and drag into place.

    In earlier versions of ArchiCAD, before the Morph tool, instead of converting to a morph then rotating, you can select these beams and/or slabs and use Show Selection/Marquee in 3D to view them in the 3D window in isolation, then rotate your view to a side elevation from 90 degrees (nominal north or the top of the screen) using the 3D Projection Settings command, then select the elements and choose File menu > Libraries and Objects > Save Selection As Object, which will create an object with the geometry rotated so the elements stand upright.



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