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My audacious new FREE webinar – “How to Unleash ArchiCAD’s Hidden Power”

How to Unleash ArchiCAD's Hidden Power | FREE ArchiCAD training webinarAs many of you know, I’ve been busy working on my online ArchiCAD training called the Best Practices Course. Recently I interviewed many of the course members to see what they had learned, and how much of a difference it had made to their work.

I’ve synthesized and distilled the responses into a great free live training webinar that I’ll be presenting several times this week. For more information as well as the actual dates and times, or to sign up for the free presentation, please visit:

How to Unleash ArchiCAD’s Hidden Power – Free ArchiCAD Training Webinar

I’m really excited about this, since it’s probably the most audacious thing I’ve ever done.

In this training session I will share with you:

  • 14 easy to implement methods that will help you reduce production time 25% to 50% or more
  • 8 simple tricks to enhance your presentations so that you win your next project
  • 5 common mistakes that are probably hurting you and how to easily fix them
  • 18 great free resources that will help you improve your ArchiCAD skills

Up to this point I have not claimed any quantifiable productivity improvements from the Best Practices Course, but after interviewing quite a few members, I learned that a number of them have been able to reduce time spent on production by 25% to 50% as a direct result of implementing certain key methods and insights that I’ve taught. These new understandings have made a huge difference in their workflow.

I’ll be sharing this information for free in this training webinar as a contribution to the broader ArchiCAD community. I hope you can join me!

How to Unleash ArchiCAD’s Hidden Power – Free ArchiCAD Training Webinar


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WAAD - August 17, 2011

Hi Eric.
great job…thanks for your kindness, I have this quasion .. How to get rid from a warning notes that appears like ( cant open for input while operating on file “cadi_globvar.txt”).Its transfare to the new .tmp even if you delete the whole project ?? I knew apart is missing..but!?

    Eric - August 17, 2011

    The filename indicates that the problem is connected to Cadimage add-ons for ArchiCAD. I suggest that you reinstall your Cadimage tools, or remove any Cadimage files from within the Add-ons folder inside the ArchiCAD folder so that they won’t try to load. If you can’t resolve the problem yourself, contact Cadimage support for assistance, as this definitely has to do with their products.

    I hope my answer helps you with this issue!


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