The Evolution of ArchiCAD

On Tuesday December 3rd we broadcast my conversation with a few ArchiCAD experts (Jared Banks of Shoegnome and the BIM Engine Blog, Apollo Spiliotis of ArchiCAD Monkey, as well as architects Andrew Passacantando and Jack Suben) in a free Google Hangout on Air. We had a lot of fun talking about how ArchiCAD has changed over the years, and speculating about what’s coming up in the future.

You can watch this discussion on my YouTube channel, or right here:


This is a follow-up to our popular broadcast in September “ArchiCAD 17 – A Game Changer”. We’re enjoying these gatherings so much that we’re planning to meet every 2 or 3 months. Have any ideas or suggestions for what we might focus on next time? Drop us a line, or post a comment.

I feel this is a great way to build the community of ArchiCAD users from around the world, a virtual user group of sorts. In fact, I’ve set up a website for the ArchiCAD User Group Online, and will add more resources to it over time. If you have any ideas for how to make this website interesting, fun and useful, please email me or post a comment or suggestion below.

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