NEW: MasterTemplate 22 – Totally Overhauled and Optimized for ARCHICAD 22

After months of intense work, MasterTemplate 22 was released today. I have incorporated cutting edge best practices methods and strategies with the aim of creating the “ultimate driving machine” for ARCHICAD.

Power, sophistication and an intuitive framework that you can make your own.

In this 2 hour in-depth presentation you’ll see what’s under the hood, and come along for the ride as we explore the break-through time-saving methodology built into the framework of the project file.

Use the Full Screen button in the bottom right of the video while playing to watch it at a size that allows you to see all the detail.


Get immediate access to MasterTemplate 22 using these links:

Notes: One license may be used for an entire office – after all, this is intended to be used as an “office standard”…

Full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – try MasterTemplate on a project or two, keep it only if you find it useful.

Questions? Email me at support@bobrow.com – I’m always happy to help.

– Eric

UPDATE (November 6, 2018)
The international metric edition of AMT22 was published last week, along with a revamped USA version and an improved Sample Project. In the month following the webinar recording, I was able to do a significant amount of additional optimization based on user feedback and my own observations and tests. I’m very pleased with the results and proud to share AMT22 with the ARCHICAD community.

P.S. Cornelis Wegman from Australia posted a comment that made me aware that the framing profiles I had set up were generating linework that went against 2D drawing conventions, with the cross-hatch lines heavier than the outline. I was able to change that quite easily, so the template now produces even better looking sections of the 3D model. Here is a screenshot from the revised section:

MasterTemplate section drawing screenshot with revised framing profiles

I have also corrected a couple of issues that I noticed in the demonstration (you may notice them in the video recording) and further enhanced the settings for Electrical Plans to make the electrical elements stand out clearly against the faint grey background of the building.

MasterTemplate is always going to be a work in progress…however I’m extremely happy with the progress made this year!

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Cornelis Wegman - October 5, 2018

Got to see your AC22 webinar and I found it very good. Couple of questions and comments:
1. Nothing about the metric international version. I’d like to know how the units are converted and how this applies to standard walls, floors, materials, energy calculations, etc.
2. Have you thought of using ‘X’ and ‘Y’ prefixes for horizontal and vertical sections?
3. Your ‘x’ hatching on beams is clever. However, drawing conventions are that outlines use thicker lines than hatching. If one prefers to work in black and white, varying line thicknesses becomes more important than if one works in colour. I suggest that you might want to read ‘Architectural Drawing’ books by Frank Ching, to really grasp what architectural drawing is all about!

Well done Eric! I’ll try to raise the funds for an upgrade before the special offer time runs out.

    Eric Bobrow - October 5, 2018

    Cornelis –

    I appreciate your feedback. I have edited the “x” framing profiles to make the outlines thicker than the cross hatch lines as per your comment, to make the automatic section drawing generate a view of these framing members that more closely follows 2D drawing conventions. It was surprisingly easy to do this, since there are only a small number of these profiles, and editing each one took only a couple of minutes.

    Re the metric international version, all of the composites for wall assemblies, slabs, roofs etc. are based on real world metric standards that we researched from the UK, Australia and a few other countries. The library is based on the standard Graphisoft International English version of ARCHICAD, so it is in standard metric units. The Graphisoft standard building materials are included, so energy calcs will work the same as in the standard international template.

    Re numbering prefixes for horizontal and vertical sections, this can easily be set by the user; simply change the prefixes for the handful of pre-placed sections in the template, and number additional ones as per your preference. This is totally flexible, it’s not locked in.

    – Eric

Ian - May 8, 2020

Hi Eric

Any special price for your Master Template 22
for an Architect in the UK to help get us through this lockdown period

    Eric Bobrow - May 9, 2020

    Ian – I am offering special pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic. I will reply to you personally with info.



Randy Caldwell - June 4, 2022

what is the cost of your ArchiCAD training course, i am a long time Autoocad user (30+Years) but need to learn Archicad for new job

Thank You
Randy Caldwell

Don Ciccio - July 14, 2022

Hey there Eric
Is MasterTemplate 22 User Manual (pdf) freely available from your website or is it sold with the template?
Reading it first might give dipper understating why you build it the way you did, instead of watching a 2 hour webinar to try and figure out how MT 22 works in a more granular level.


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