New Book – Discover Smart BIM: An Interactive Guide to ArchiCAD

From the CadGarage website (where you can purchase the book):

Discover Smart BIM has just been released and will be in stock in about a week!

Discover Smart BIM is designed to guide the intended audience through simple steps to produce a complete ArchiCAD Virtual Building™ Model – covering the most important points such as modeling, visualization, detailing, scheduling and documentation.

Developed from more than a decade’s worth of training experience to meet a specific need within the ArchiCAD community. At the time of writing, there is no other known book-based publication that addresses the approach required to learn how to produce a complete ArchiCAD Virtual Building™ Model.

The book is written and presented in a graphically intensive format (244 page full color print/300+ color illustrations to provide clear and precise instructions for each stage of the Virtual Building™ modeling process.

The content of the book includes the following:

The ArchiCAD Interface – Explained

  • Chapter 1: Establishing the Base Building Layout
  • Chapter 2: Working with Stories
  • Chapter 3: Completing the Building Envelope
  • Chapter 4: Developing the Design
  • Chapter 5: Working with Doors and Windows
  • Chapter 6: Adding Internal Circulation
  • Chapter 7: Defining Room Usage and Spaces
  • Chapter 8: Adding Final Details
  • Chapter 9: Measuring and Costing the Building
  • Chapter 10: Presenting the Design to Clients and Users
  • Chapter 11: Rendering the Model
  • Chapter 12: The Layout Book
  • Chapter 13: Modifying the External Wall Structure
  • Chapter 14: Creating a 2D Detail Drawing
  • Chapter 15: Drawing a 2D Detail
  • Chapter 16: Adding Annotations to Drawings
  • Chapter 17: Creating a 3D Document
  • Chapter 18: Updating the Detail Layout Sheet
  • Appendix A: Sample Images of Discover Smart BIM Project Model
  • Appendix B: Sample Images generated from ArchiCAD Models
  • Includes Downloadable Media:
  • Work Environment
  • Object Library
  • 21 x .pln files
  • (SE 2009, AC12 & AC13 file formats)
  • 244 page full color print
  • 216mm x 216mm / 8.5” x 8.5”
  • 19 chapters with reference .pln’s
  • step-by-step detailed instructions
  • 300+ color illustrations
  • ISBN 9781449036782

See the YouTube video book preview HERE

About the Author

Since Graduating with a BSc in Computer Aided Engineering, Ken Good has spent all of his working life in the building industry, mostly using, selling, supporting or training architectural CAD to design professionals.

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