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My latest free ArchiCAD tutorial video: Multi-Story Buildings – Basic & Advanced Strategies

As part of my personal Thanksgiving ritual, over the weekend I created another free ArchiCAD tutorial as a way of giving thanks to all of you. It is my privilege to be able to contribute to this vibrant community of creative design professionals.


ArchiCAD Tutorial | Multi-Story Buildings: Basic & Advanced Strategies

In this 30 minute tutorial I show several different approaches to modeling multiple story buildings, starting from simple schematic-level stacking and evolving into highly detailed methods that give beautiful section drawings automatically. The more sophisticated techniques are rather efficient, as they are actually fast and fairly simple to use once you understand what’s possible and how to set them up.

As a beginner, one starts with basic stacking of elements and simple walls with empty fills. The same approach may be used by a veteran user, but then developed further as the design is refined. Solid Element Operations make it easy to create a model that generates additional detail in the sections. The use of complex profiles allows even more complete detailing in the model, along with the possible separation of the structural floor from finish floor into separate elements. When done properly, the model generates views that can be used directly in enlarged wall sections with minimal cleanup, and little to add except for annotation.

Please enjoy my latest creation. If you learn something that helps you use ArchiCAD more effectively, click the Like button or better yet, post a comment on the YouTube page or as a comment here.

Check out my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube Channel for more free ArchiCAD tutorial videos.

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Rejane Leao - February 8, 2013

Great tutorial. I am looking forward to watch more of them.



Robert Williams - February 24, 2018

Finally a video showing real work details. Allot of what I find shows only what I call cartoon drawings but never includes in depth like the wall to finish floor detail.


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