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Eric at Lake Lagunitas in Marin County CAOne of the things that I am enjoying the most, since I changed my focus from being an ArchiCAD reseller in California to offering ArchiCAD training online, is the opportunity to connect with users around the world. I get emails from people in all “corners” of the globe, sometimes thanking me, sometimes asking me a question or for some help.

Occasionally I read phrases that are best described as “local color” – regional expressions that are very evocative of the place they come from. For example, one Best Practices Course member in New Zealand wrote about being eager to get the course on DVD, since her internet connection was “as slow as a wet weekend.” It brought up a vivid picture of sitting around, waiting for something to happen, during the long rainy periods that must be common on those islands.

An email came in today from someone who I think is from Africa. This person wrote in response to my latest free ArchiCAD training “Record Your Design Intent”: “hay, thanks bob for this, u just cleared the mist from my¬† face and now i can see ghosts.” I guess that my words are helping this person to see more clearly how to approach using ArchiCAD better – but what an interesting way to say it!

Our local color is green these days, as spring brings a profusion of leaves and flowers, trees filling out, blue skies with varying cloud formations. It’s been a little cool, which is just fine with me – summer’s heat wave can wait a little while. It even rained a little bit last night, a rarity for this time of year.

Our son Ayden came home from college (2 hours away in Santa Cruz California) for the weekend, and we had a wonderful relaxing time together. It’s hard to believe he’s 21 and about to finish his Junior year. My wife Le’ema, Ayden and I went to see a concert by Tin Hat (an eclectic acoustic music group) at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House on Friday night, then saw a great French film “Queen to Play” at our local Rafael Theater art movie house. Ayden played a little on his guitar and piano keyboard, and brightened our lives again with his lovely musical gifts.

I have much work to do, so I’m going to finish up now – but it’s good to take the time to appreciate these colors, sights, words, sounds and people. They are part of the rich texture of my life and help to make all the work worth doing.


P.S. Right after I posted this, I went outside and there was a rainbow – the rain had interrupted a sunny day. Then there was a double rainbow – a second arc above the first, fainter, but still clearly visible. I turned to look towards the setting sun, just as it started to be hidden by some dramatic clouds, which were fringed in golden light. Sweetness and light…

Rainbow in my backyard Dramatic clouds in San Rafael CA

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