I’m happy to post this new ArchiCAD training lesson

Sometimes I get a bit silly, following a theme or an idea down a path to see how far it takes me.

I got an email from a Russian ArchiCAD user thanking me for my tutorial lessons. He wrote in broken English “I am very happy I found the man who help me achieve my demand and help me to overcome the cycle of ArchiCAD…” I gathered that he liked what I wrote, and that it made him happy.

As I wrote up my latest ArchiCAD training lesson, focused on the sixth of my 7 Keys to Best Practices — how to model better in ArchiCAD in order to draft less — it occurred to me that I love to model in 3D, but I’m not so keen on drafting stuff. 3D is more fun, of course!

So I followed this idea along, and made it a little bit of a subtext to the lesson – “how can you be happy working with ArchiCAD?” With a few word-plays along the way, I finished this lesson up and posted it tonight.

Which made me happy…

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