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Eric Bobrow, Creator of ArchiCAD Tutorials and ArchiCAD Training CoursesI haven’t paid attention to this website for a while, and I intend to change that. When I last posted here in June, I was in the middle of presenting a series of webinars on Internet Marketing for Architects. Now, almost three months later, I’ve launched an entire course on Internet Marketing for Architects, and presented 8 out of 12 weekly training lessons with very positive feedback.

It’s been a rather all-consuming summer of work on many fronts: in addition to launching the IMA course, we upgraded MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 16, I’ve been creating more lessons for my Best Practices Course, and producing more videos for my YouTube channel.

Traffic to my YouTube channel has continued to increase, and we recently passed 400,000 views, less than 5 months after hitting 200,000. I guess I must be doing something right… people are recommending the channel to their friends and colleagues, and we now have over 1850 subscribers.

This fall, I’ll be launching several different initiatives that I’m excited about. To start out, I’ll be introducing a series of 3 mini-courses for specific ArchiCAD topics: Site Design and Terrain Modeling, Roof Design and Documentation, and the FastTrack! Course on optimizing your speed and accuracy in general. Look for an announcement next week on these very affordable and extremely targeted training series.

I’m going to celebrate the YouTube milestone by awarding 4 prizes for these new ArchiCAD training courses to subscribers. If you’d like to win one of these all you have to do is visit my YouTube channel and subscribe (just click the button – it’s easy). I’ll pick 4 subscribers and give them a free training course to thank everyone for their support and encouragement as I continue to develop my comprehensive Best Practices Course into the richest and most effective training for ArchiCAD users.

I’ll be back soon with more news about the fall. There is a LOT that I have in the pipeline that I know you’re going to love!

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