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Taking ARCHICAD Beyond Design: Cost Estimation and Construction Management

Free ARCHICAD USER webinar:
Monday March 11th at 1 pm PDT

Taking ARCHICAD Beyond Design: Cost Estimation and Construction Management
with Roderick Anderson & John Hallgarth

Info & Registration:

We're resuming the monthly ARCHICAD USER webinar series with an exciting session featuring two veterans who leverage the ARCHICAD model for cost estimation and construction management.

Learn how these experts set up their ARCHICAD projects and manage data for accurate quantity take-offs and interface with a variety of tools for management, reporting and communication including BIMx Pro, Bluebeam and Excel.

I'll introduce and moderate the discussion, and guide the Q&A. It's going to be a fascinating deep dive into this vital area where design, cost and construction processes meet.

NEW ARCHICAD Tutorials Website Launches!

I'm pleased to announce the launch of, a new website providing rich resources for users, featuring high quality free ARCHICAD tutorials.

I've started stocking the site with my best tutorial videos, while adding professionally created transcriptions to facilitate searching as well as captions to help people with language or hearing challenges.

Eric Bobrow.

I'll be inviting ARCHICAD experts from around the world to share their work on this site, with the aim of creating the best and most comprehensive resource possible for users of all levels.


Currently, ARCHICAD tutorial videos are spread out all over the web, on YouTube as well as individual websites set up by different experts and companies.

Standards vary, and it can be hard to find the best videos or articles when you need them.

The new site will provide a richer environment than YouTube in that we can post transcripts as well as downloads, and links to related videos and resources.

In addition, I plan to add a rating system so that it's easy to see which tutorials are the most popular and highest rated, as well as tagging and categorization to simplify searches.

More community-building features may be incorporated such as a Slack workspace for online discussion and sharing of files.

Check out the new site and let me know what you think, either by responding to this email or posting a comment.

I'm excited about the possibilities - this is just the beginning!


It is my mission to help ARCHICAD users get the most out of the software, and this is my latest initiative.

Another one that is kicking into high gear right now is my new ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course and coaching program.

The 2020 program launched this month and will run all year. You can still get in for half price, and get a HUGE bonus of ALL of my other training courses.

For complete details and to sign up, please visit

Important: the 2020 course launch offer ends January 31, just a few days from now.


ARCHICAD Help Wanted – Jobs and Contracts

  • Looking for ARCHICAD-trained staff? 
  • Seeking a position or a contract with an ARCHICAD firm?
  • Let's see whether we can make some connections.

Periodically, ARCHICAD firms ask if I can refer them to experienced users in their local area they can hire; sometimes they prefer using freelancers locally or on a remote basis for contract work. 

Similarly, users sometimes ask me if I can give them a list of ARCHICAD firms in a particular city so they can try to find a position.

When I was an ARCHICAD reseller (1989 to 2010) I knew the users in my area, and ran the local user group, so I was able to connect people fairly easily. 

Nowadays I serve users from around the world so this is more difficult. 


Graphisoft has a free jobs board at and some people say they’ve used it, or checked the listings. 

A while back I set up a section of the ARCHICAD USER website as a user directory with the idea of helping people connect. Quite a few people have added their names and contact info, but I haven’t promoted it actively as a jobs board. 

I know of two other portals ( and but both seem to be infrequently updated and not well-used.

What's your experience with this subject?
Do you know of a useful job portal for ARCHICAD users and firms?


I’d like to assess how much interest there is in developing a service or a web portal to connect ARCHICAD users and firms. 

It takes some effort to set something up that is robust and effective, so I’m going to start with a survey to see whether this is a hot-button issue or just something that “would be nice”. 

Click HERE to participate in a 5 minute survey regarding ARCHICAD jobs and free-lance services. 

In addition to collecting general information and feedback, this survey will be a quick test of the marketplace for jobs and services. 

If your firm currently needs someone skilled with ARCHICAD, you can describe the position or contract as well as other factors (required level of experience or specialty, in-office or remote, part-time/full-time/contract, etc.). 

If you’re actively looking for work right now, you may describe your background and experience and the type and location of the opportunity you are seeking. 

I will post a summary of the responses, and will see if I can help connect some job-seekers with firms that can use their services. 

It will be interesting to see the results of the survey, and how many people and firms are currently "in the market". 

I'm not sure where this will go, however I'm definitely considering how I can help more individuals and firms connect and be successful with ARCHICAD. 

I'll be back with another email talking about a different variation of "Help Wanted" shortly. 


P.S. I can recommend one outsourcing firm - Team4Bim.

They are based in Europe but work with clients worldwide. Their rates are very affordable, and several people have told me they do high quality work. If you reach out to them, tell them Eric Bobrow sent you... 

P.P.S. Would you like MY help boosting YOUR skills as an ARCHICAD user? Or help training your staff?

My special Launch Offer for the ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course and coaching program is still open through January 31. 

Click the green button below to save up to 87% on a huge package of ARCHICAD training resources. It's a comprehensive, fully updated reference library you'll treasure for a long time to come.

Thank you & some thoughts about 2019

During this special time of year, there are two things I make sure to do:

1. Feel gratitude for the good things in my life, and thank the people who make my life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

2. Plan out my next year, giving priority to the most important areas – the ones that will make all the rest flow better.
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I am immensely grateful to you and everyone on my email list – clients, fans, and curious onlookers. You give me an opportunity to share my gifts with the world, particularly those related to teaching and communicating ideas. 

I love to teach, I love to help creative professionals achieve more using technology and media. 

I make an honest living by helping you have greater success and satisfaction. 
When you learn from me and are able to do more with the tools at hand, I feel great satisfaction. 

You give me professional fulfillment, and I am eternally and forever grateful. 

Thank you so much! 

I hope you are feeling gratitude for the people in your life – this is what we’re all here for – to love and help each other. 

Give your family, friends and clients an extra thank you, and perhaps an extra hug.

What are you asking Santa to bring you over the next year?


What are the biggest levers for the year ahead? 
The things that will make everything else easier? 

After much thought, I have decided to focus on reworking my entire ARCHICAD training business, building a fresh foundation with new course materials and websites. This will enable me to reach more users, serve them better, and solidify my position in the worldwide ARCHICAD community. 

Everything will flow from this initiative. 
It will all work better because I am giving my gifts to the world with a clear strategic plan. 

I’m tremendously excited about 2019, with dozens of ideas buzzing around in my head. 
It’s going to be a LOT of work – and I am feeling strong, focused and determined to get going and keep going. 

Stay tuned – I’ve got a lot to share with you over the coming year. 


If you’re an active ARCHICAD user, then one of the most important levers in your world has to do with your skill and facility with ARCHICAD. 

When you use best practices methods, you are able to work more efficiently and get your work out the door faster. 

PLUS you can spend more time on your design (to come up with better solutions for your clients), produce higher quality output (so it’s easier to get the projects built), and potentially be much more profitable. 

So investing in ARCHICAD training could be one of the most valuable things you do in 2019. 

If you’d like to join me on the journey towards ARCHICAD mastery over the next year as I create my new ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course, NOW is a great time.

During the launch promotion, I’m offering the course plus coaching support for half price.

AND…if you are one of the first 50 to buy the 2020 course, I’ll give you an extra bonus of $3,958 of training materials…making this offer effectively an 87% discount on the bundle package. 

In the 4 days since I announced the course, 27 of these 50 bonuses have been snapped up. 

For all the details, please visit


P.S. I’ll be presenting one final live broadcast of my free ARCHICAD Best Practices Updatewebinar on Thursday December 27 at 1 pm PST (US Pacific). In this 2 hour webinar I share 10 cool tutorials that will help you take advantage of some of the most useful new features in ARCHICAD.

If you’re not already registered for my ARCHICAD USER webinar series, click HERE to sign up and join me in my most interesting and carefully crafted presentation EVER.


Free Webinars: ARCHICAD Best Practices Update – 10 Cool Tutorials

ARCHICAD Best Practices have changed a LOT over the years. 

Have you kept up?

Join me for a brand new free training webinar that I’ll be presenting several times this month, and learn some useful ARCHICAD tips, tricks and working methods that are “hidden in plain sight” in recent upgrades.

This series is a special edition of the monthly ARCHICAD USER webinars, the free series that I’ve been running all year. Instead of one webinar, I’ll run three separate sessions:

  • Monday December 17 at 4 pm PST
  • Tuesday December 18 at 10 am PST
  • Thursday December 27 at 1 pm PST

If you’re already registered for the ARCHICAD USER monthly sessions, your connection link will work for whichever session you choose to attend.

If you’re not already subscribed, you can join over 2600 ARCHICAD USERs by clicking here:


As I planned out the presentation, I collected a series of 10 quick demonstrations that cover a wide range of modeling, documentation, presentation and data usage.

The main criteria I used were:

  • Is it new or different in recent versions of ARCHICAD?
  • Is it valuable and useful?
  • Is it something that many users would miss noticing?
  • Is it clever, fun or otherwise cool?
  • Can I demonstrate it in about 5 minutes, and teach people how to use it?

I am pleased to say that I’ve got a set of 10 really cool, fun, awesome and interesting new things to show you.

And I bet that 9 out of 10 users who attend will learn several new tools and tips that can be put to use right away. Some avid users may already know everything I’m showing – after all, these things are in plain sight – however I’m hopeful they will enjoy the way that I put this together.


I’m running these webinars as part of the launch of my new course: ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020. This new project will run through all of 2019 and into early 2020 as I attempt to cover everything I can about how to use ARCHICAD with best practices methods. 

Learning and using these working methods will help you produce your projects more easily, quickly and with higher quality.

It is my intention to produce the most comprehensive and robust resource for ARCHICAD users ever created, a “classic reference for the 2020’s”. It’s rather ambitious – and will take a LOT of work – however I’m feeling excited and up for the challenge.

I must say it feels to me like we’re living in the future – the 2020’s seem like something out of science fiction. Yet they are just around the corner.

I’ll announce details on this new project next week.
Stay tuned!

Eric Bobrow
Your friendly, helpful (and humble) ARCHICAD Guru ;->

P.S. Have you caught any of my recent set of ARCHICAD videos: the ARCHICAD Design | Views Tutorial Series?

Click here to watch the first 4 (average 20 minutes each) of a planned set of 7 new videos. On that page, you’ll have the opportunity to download a free ARCHICAD Resource Pack with over 100 elements to help you view and present your ARCHICAD projects with more variety and clarity.