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Cadimage Tools Legends for ArchiCAD MasterTemplate

Cadimage_LegendsMany users of the ArchiCAD MasterTemplate asked us to support Cadimage Tools by adding Interactive Legends of Visual Favorites for their products. At long last, after many days of work by Mark Horrocks of Cadimage Tools (as well as myself) over a period of months, we now have an add-on for MasterTemplate ready for purchase.

This was a much bigger task than originally anticipated – there are LOTS of Cadimage Tools. Separate Legend groupings were prepared for DoorBuilder, WindowBuilder, CabinetBuilder, Landscaping and Landscaping Extras, Trees of the South Pacific, Accessories, and Rapid Detailer as well as objects from the Design Suite. Special efforts were made to synchronize layers, materials, fill and pen settings to enable a seamless experience for MasterTemplate users.

Introductory pricing for the Cadimage Legends is $49, available through December 31, 2009. Starting January 1, 2010, standard pricing will be $75. You may click this link to buy the Cadimage Legends now.

A special bundle is available through the end of the year for a FREE Cadimage Legends add-on with the purchase of a new AMT license at $195, saving $49. You may click here to buy this bundle.

To celebrate, we have arranged to offer a 10% discount on all Cadimage Tools products and upgrades for AMT users. Simply visit the Cadimage Tools website and shop for whatever you wish, then enter the promo code “AMT” (don’t type the quote marks) to receive 10% off your invoice.

Cadimage Tools has a special 2-4-1 deal going through December 18. Buy one Tool or Suite, and receive a free Tool or Suite of equal or lesser value for FREE! There is no limit, so you can buy more than one and get an equal number of licenses without charge.

You can use the AMT promo code to get an additional 10% off, so if you buy now, you’ll get everything for even less than half-price! NOTE: The 2-4-1 special applies to new purchases only, not upgrades.

Disclosure: Bobrow Consulting Group earns a commission on Cadimage Tools sales that are placed using the AMT promotion code. We believe their products are very useful, and proudly recommend them to all our clients. We thank Campbell Yule of Cadimage Tools for his patience and support.

New blog posts will go out to Twitter

I just set up WP to Twitter so that new posts on go out to my Twitter account. I plan to post more often, and this will make it easy to let people know when there’s something new on the blog.

ArchiCAD 13 Hotfix Released

Last week Graphisoft released a Hotfix (build 3235) for INT, USA and AUS languages – other languages will follow shortly. The Hotfix is automatically offered if automatic updates are enabled in ArchiCAD, or is available through the ‘Check for Updates…’ command in the ArchiCAD 13 Help menu. This Hotfix is applicable to all types of ArchiCAD 13 (commercial, education, trial) and updates not just ArchiCAD itself, but the BIM Server, the BIM Server Manager, and all ArchiCAD components, including MEP Modeler, EcoDesigner and the goodie add-ons. Please read the Release Notes for detailed install instructions and list of fixed bugs:

Important note: Working in Teamwork requires that all components (i.e. client ArchiCADs, the BIM Server Manager and the BIM Server) have the identical version number (or “build number”). Please make sure you run the Hotfix on every component. There is no special action required on the Teamwork project side.

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This blog will include news on ArchiCAD, observations, tidbits from my personal life, interesting links and other tasty morsels. Stay tuned!

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