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Periodically, ARCHICAD firms ask if I can refer them to experienced users in their local area they can hire; sometimes they prefer using freelancers locally or on a remote basis for contract work. 

Similarly, users sometimes ask me if I can give them a list of ARCHICAD firms in a particular city so they can try to find a position.

When I was an ARCHICAD reseller (1989 to 2010) I knew the users in my area, and ran the local user group, so I was able to connect people fairly easily. 

Nowadays I serve users from around the world so this is more difficult. 


Graphisoft has a free jobs board at Graphisoft.com/jobs and some people say they’ve used it, or checked the listings. 

A while back I set up a section of the ARCHICAD USER website as a user directory with the idea of helping people connect. Quite a few people have added their names and contact info, but I haven’t promoted it actively as a jobs board. 

I know of two other portals (archicadjobs.com and archvista.com/job-listings/) but both seem to be infrequently updated and not well-used.

What's your experience with this subject?
Do you know of a useful job portal for ARCHICAD users and firms?


I’d like to assess how much interest there is in developing a service or a web portal to connect ARCHICAD users and firms. 

It takes some effort to set something up that is robust and effective, so I’m going to start with a survey to see whether this is a hot-button issue or just something that “would be nice”. 

Click HERE to participate in a 5 minute survey regarding ARCHICAD jobs and free-lance services. 

In addition to collecting general information and feedback, this survey will be a quick test of the marketplace for jobs and services. 

If your firm currently needs someone skilled with ARCHICAD, you can describe the position or contract as well as other factors (required level of experience or specialty, in-office or remote, part-time/full-time/contract, etc.). 

If you’re actively looking for work right now, you may describe your background and experience and the type and location of the opportunity you are seeking. 

I will post a summary of the responses, and will see if I can help connect some job-seekers with firms that can use their services. 

It will be interesting to see the results of the survey, and how many people and firms are currently "in the market". 

I'm not sure where this will go, however I'm definitely considering how I can help more individuals and firms connect and be successful with ARCHICAD. 

I'll be back with another email talking about a different variation of "Help Wanted" shortly. 


P.S. I can recommend one outsourcing firm - Team4Bim.

They are based in Europe but work with clients worldwide. Their rates are very affordable, and several people have told me they do high quality work. If you reach out to them, tell them Eric Bobrow sent you... 

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Azwari Zainal - January 21, 2019

Hi Mr.Bobrow,
How are you? do you know any firm in Malaysia that using ArchiCAD?

Thank you for your help,
Azwari Zainal


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