New ArchiCAD QuickTip Video Tutorial – Shortcuts for Construction Geometry

My latest ARCHICAD QuickTip video tutorial was inspired by a question that Matthieu Mercinier of Oslo Norway sent in recently to my ARCHICAD Coaching Program.

I took his single question about placing doors and expanded it into a 5 minute review of some little-known time-saving shortcuts for switching geometry and construction methods on the fly.


Take 5 minutes to watch it now and try these out as you work in ArchiCAD today. They’re actually fun to use and will save you more time and effort than you realize.

NOTE: These QuickTip videos are inspired by questions sent in by members of my ARCHICAD Coaching Program. If you’d like to get my personal assistance on YOUR questions, get full information here:




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Eddie Baden - January 10, 2017

Hi Eric,

Thanks for that. G & C Key.
To swap a wall over is “P”.


    Eric Bobrow - January 10, 2017

    Thanks Eddie for the tip – I love learning new shortcuts!


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