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New ArchiCAD Tutorial: Generate Specifications and Optimize Annotation using IFC Data Fields

In my latest ArchiCAD video tutorial, you’ll learn how to generate detailed specification reports from your ArchiCAD 19 model using standard interactive schedule tools. Easily place drawing notes linked to the exact same BIM data, fully integrated into each element. All notes and specifications update automatically as you work on the model.

Generate Specifications and Optimize Annotation using IFC Data Fields (Part 1)
(36 minutes)

Optimizing-Specifications-video-splash-with-play-button-2Step by step instructions are provided to add special IFC fields to enter or edit text and other data that will be shown in the reports or placed as notes in your construction documents.

In the standard ArchiCAD templates there is no location where you can add this BIM data to all building elements regardless of type. Fortunately, these IFC fields can be quickly added to your project to provide a common framework for the data.

The new Label options in ArchiCAD 19 make it much simpler to pull the data from the building elements and use it in your drawings. This tutorial also shows how to create Favorites for your frequently used labeling styles.

UK architect Tim Ball generously shared one of his actual projects so I could demonstrate a real specifications report and associated labels in context. His pioneering work opened my eyes to the potential of this approach.

In ArchiCAD 19, it is relatively easy to implement this system and it will allow you to annotate your drawings and compile reports in a consistent and highly efficient manner.

In part 2 (coming soon), I’ll continue the demonstration and show how more data fields of different types can be added to the Specifications Report, and how this report can be organized based on trade categories or CSI Divisions and Subdivisions. I’ll also show how to export the IFC data structure to easily add it to other projects or your office template, as well as additional shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

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Katherine - December 3, 2016

Hi Eric,

Is there a 4th video in this series?

    Eric Bobrow - December 3, 2016

    Sadly, no, I did not get back to this topic to create a 4th video in the series…a real cliffhanger! There were some methods I intended to share about how to export and import IFC schemes and work with templates; perhaps I’ll get back to this at some point.

    However the good news is that ARCHICAD 20 makes a lot of this simpler and easier to accomplish. I reworked the approach and integrated it into MasterTemplate 20 using the new Properties data fields, which provide an intuitive structure to store and manipulate this information.


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