ArchiCAD Tips and Tricks: Managing the Favorites Palette

I’ve just posted Managing the Favorites Palette, one of my classic ArchiCAD Tips and Tricks articles which had never been available online. I encourage you to read it so you can take full advantage of Favorites, a very powerful yet underutilized feature of ArchiCAD.

The article was published in ArchiMAG back in 2011. ArchiMAG is sadly long gone, however this article will now have another life. I’ve updated one image to show the simplified search option within the Object Settings dialog (introduced in ArchiCAD 15), and added a note about Building Materials, however otherwise this has stood the test of time and still applies just as much as when it was written.

The Favorites palette is built into ArchiCAD, however from what I’ve seen, not many users use it on a regular basis. It gives you quick access to frequently used components and remembers their settings. Once you’ve gotten them set the way you want, you won’t have to waste time the next time you place a similar element.

I have a video tutorial showing how to get started with the Favorites palette, quickly populating it from a developed project then importing it into your template or a new project.

This article goes further, and will help you manage your Favorites, which can be a little confusing when you upgrade to a new version of ArchiCAD or want to migrate them from one project to another.

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