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While completing work on MasterTemplate 15, I noticed an approaching milestone: our 500th licensed client!

This is an amazing achievement that I’m very proud of. In celebration, I revamped and streamlined the MasterTemplate website and started preparing a new video presentation as we as several special offerings around the subject of templates.

A well-developed project template is one of the keys to using ArchiCAD effectively. In addition to creating MasterTemplate, I wrote about ArchiCAD templates in one of my Tips and Tricks articles a few years back, and revisited this topic more recently in several video lessons that are part of the Best Practices Course.


I’m going to create a special mini-training course on template creation and optimization this month that I’ll be sending to all of our email subscribers as a special thank-you.

I’ll share some of the basics (how to save a template file, and how to access it) as well as Best Practices (what should go into a template, and how to set it up to gain the most benefit). If you’re not already on my email list, please sign up using the small form at the bottom of this web page. Look for this template training in a series of emails over the coming weeks!

By the time you finish this mini-training, you’ll know how to create your own office template that will help speed your work when you start a project as well as through the entire process of design and documentation.


MasterTemplate - The Office Standard for ArchiCADMasterTemplate is a robust project template that embeds Best Practices methodologies into the project structure, an “office standard in a box”. Developed by myself and Scott Bulmer (a California architect with 15 years experience working with ArchiCAD on countless projects), it is a catalyst for users to jump up several levels in productivity and organization.

We recently released MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 15, but still offer versions for ArchiCAD 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 as well as Start Edition 2009 and 2010, in both International metric and U.S. imperial standards

  • MasterTemplate is normally $275 USD, but during our special summer sale you can get it for only $225, a savings of $50
  • In addition, anyone who purchases during the promotion will be able to attend a series of three bonus one-hour live training webinars in September covering installation, customization and usage of MasterTemplate

MasterTemplate is the result of hundreds of hours of development, far more than any individual or firm could justify in terms of creating their own template. It has been continually revised based on user feedback and our own innovations and analysis.

To learn more about MasterTemplate, please visit the newly reworked website at

When you visit the website, catch my brand new video presentation on the secrets of ArchiCAD Masters that will help you transform your practice. These have the power to dramatically change the way you work in ArchiCAD and make you much more effective.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. I wish you the best in your work with ArchiCAD, and am always interested in helping you succeed.

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