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Need some intelligent, sophisticated library parts? Here are two ArchiCAD GDL gurus you should check out…

Sometimes the built-in components in the standard ArchiCAD library just aren’t flexible or smart enough for what you need.

Over the years, I’ve told people about Objects Online, Cadimage and Cigraph as resources for additional objects and tools. However, recently I’ve become aware of the “next generation” — two young, smart and ambitious ArchiCAD users who have taken their passions for modeling and design into the area of GDL coding.

ArchiCAD has a worldwide community of users, and these developers are no exception: Jeroen de Bruin is based in the Netherlands, and Kristian Bursell lives in Australia.

Jeroen de Bruin has been working in several architectural agencies in the Netherlands. He joined the ArchiCAD distributor of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2006, responsible for Library Development. He started his company Master Script in 2009, to create GDL objects for architects world wide. The main focus of his objects is to improve the BIM factor of your design.

His latest objects Total Zone and Total Marker do exactly this. While you feed information into your zone, doors and windows as your design grows, these objects will show this information any way you like. Thanks to the Model View Options you can store which information you want to show and how you want to show it. This can be saved in any view. So in one view you can show the name of a zone and in another the surface and occupancy and yet another the finishes. For more info, please check out Jared Banks’ review on Shoegnome.

There is more to see on the Master Script website: check out his Object-Slicer (Floor Plan Cut Plane-sensitive and story-sensitive display of any object), Mesh Generator (create meshes like blobs, soft objects or free forms) and Label Everything (show any property for an ArchiCAD element). There is also some free stuff on his site, like an Eames Chair, Sea Container and 2 articles about custom object-making which appeared in the magazine ArchiMAG.

Jeroen asked me to tell you – if your object or feature isn’t there, just email him.

I would also like to introduce to you an innovative ArchiCAD library part creator, Kristian Bursell of CADSwift in Australia. Dubbed “a GDL guru” by one of Graphisoft’s most respected members of staff; Kristian is a dedicated GDL scripter who is pushing the boundaries. His tools focus on automating processes and bringing the joy back into modelling all building elements.

Kristian’s Library Parts are smart, highly parametric GDL Objects. They are complete design and documentation tools covering most configurations for each specific building element. They also include intelligent annotation and representation features to automate as much documentation as possible.

Kristian’s library is very affordable and includes some of the best ArchiCAD Objects available.

You can view the library on his website which includes informative demo clips for each part. I also recommend that you subscribe to Kristian’s newsletter as he is continuously improving and adding to his library.

Feel free to email Kristian if you have a question or would like a custom part designed.

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Lulu Fanta - June 16, 2012

I need archicad templet please send me

    Eric - June 16, 2012

    Lulu –
    We have created MasterTemplate, a powerful and customizable office standard.
    You may get more info and purchase it at www.actemplate.com.


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