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Your ARCHICAD Design | Views Resource Pack Is On Its Way

Thank you for your interest in my ARCHICAD tutorials and training resources.

My automated system will send you an email with instructions for how to access the ARCHICAD Design | Views Resource Pack shortly.

In that email you'll get a link for the secret page where I've placed easy step by step instructions for how to install the ARCHICAD Design | Views Resource Pack, along with a walk-through video demonstrating the process.

In just a few minutes, you'll be able to add these resources to your projects, adding new flexibility for how you view and present your designs to clients.

The Resource Pack is on a "Secret Page"

Why am I calling this page "secret"?

Because it's not publicly visible - it's ONLY for subscribers to my ARCHICAD USER email list. It's not listed on the search engines, and not linked to from my blog or website menus.

For the location URL of the secret Resource Pack page, check your inbox in just a few minutes.

IMPORTANT: Automated emails like this one, as well as broadcasts to my subscriber list, sometimes get filtered by email systems such as Gmail and end up in spam or a Promoted Mail folder. If you don't see this email in your primary Inbox, please look for it in one of these other locations.

To ensure that you are ALWAYS able to see my ARCHICAD USER emails, do the following:

  1. Whitelist my email address support@bobrow.com by adding it to your address book so it is a "known sender"
  2. If this first email landed in Spam, mark the email as Important and use the "Not Spam" button so your email system knows how you feel about my ARCHICAD USER emails.
  3. If the email landed in a Promoted Mail folder, mark it as important and drag it into your Primary Inbox.
  4. A quick extra step that makes a BIG difference:
    Simply REPLY to the email!
    This will show your email system that you've "engaged" in a conversation, so it's not just a one way communication. Just say "Thanks!" Better yet, give me some feedback or ask me a question – I'm always happy to help!
  5. To make 100% sure you don't miss these ARCHICAD USER email:
    Create a Filter or Rule in your email system to mark emails from support@bobrow.com as Important.
    Tell your system to Never Send to Spam and Always Send to Main Inbox.

I'm going to create a bunch of new ARCHICAD video tutorials over the coming weeks and months. I'd like to be confident that when I send out emails, you'll see them!

It is my mission to help ARCHICAD USERs get the most out of this powerful software.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share these ARCHICAD resources with you. 

 - Eric

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