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ArchiCAD CyberWeek Begins: Back to the Fundamentals (free tutorials plus some special deals)

eric-bobrow-headshot-circle-revisedI’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Black Friday.
And Cyber Monday.
But CyberWeek?

It’s an idea that I’ve put a lot of thought into.
As an ArchiCAD user, I think you’ll find this story of interest.

This week I’m sharing some free goodies (some of my best video tutorials on the fundamentals of ArchiCAD) as well as offering some tasty deals. Read on for details…


I’ve created and produced plenty of highly advanced ArchiCAD training this year. Things like the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit, with 12 experts from around the world showing their work. And the Masters of ArchiCAD Training Series, 5 short courses on advanced topics. And my recent set of ArchiCAD video tutorials on YouTube, focused on IFC fields and specification reports.

Wow. Pretty heady stuff.

It’s inspiring and eminently practical if you’re already working productively with ArchiCAD and want to get an edge, optimize your process, shave minutes or hours off your daily routine.

However, for many of you, this advanced stuff is not that useful.
You need to work on your ArchiCAD fundamentals.


As I contemplated Cyber Monday, and the idea of creating a promotional offer on my ArchiCAD training materials and resources, all of a sudden it hit me.

It’s time to go back to the fundamentals of ArchiCAD.


There’s a whole new generation of ArchiCAD users.
Our ranks are increasing.

And there are a LOT of users who are just getting started, or just getting by.
Architects who have just bought ArchiCAD.
New staff members hired as firms get busy.

Note that it may not be an entirely new generation, age wise.

For example, I talked over the weekend with one white-haired FAIA who has been working with that “other BIM software” in his office, and now wants to learn ArchiCAD. Why? Because he’s heard that it’s going to be easier and more enjoyable for HIM to use.

I get a lot of requests for guidance from students. They write to me from all over the world, including quite a few from places I have to look up on a map.

They’ve seen my ArchiCAD tutorials on my YouTube channel. They know I have a kind heart, and a gentle way of explaining things. So they ask me questions, sometimes specific, sometimes just “please help me learn ArchiCAD.”

I asked myself: “What can I do to help?”


OK, so it’s a cute name (at least I think so). Instead of offering a special sale promotion for one day, Cyber Monday, let’s try it for a whole week. (This is just the beginning of my cunning plan.)

Instead of giving away an occasional video tutorial, every once in a while, I’m going to pull out of my vault some of my best training on ArchiCAD fundamentals and post a new one every day this week.

Each day I’ll post a new free tutorial, and I’ll also announce one or more new sale items. By the end of Cyber Week, we’ll see where we stand.


To start this out, I have uploaded to my YouTube channel an 11 minute video on View Settings, one of the essential concepts in ArchiCAD. Views are the primary way that you control your working environment for modeling and documentation, and layout out your drawings on sheets.

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of ArchiCAD users confused about the Project Map and the View Map. They look much the same to the new user. Some people even ask me “why do they have both of them – what’s the difference?”

A while back, I created a video on this topic and shared it on YouTube. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest that you check it out, to make sure you’re really clear on the differences and when you should use one versus the other:

Project Map vs. View Map


To kick off Cyber Week, I have just posted this video:

ArchiCAD FUNDAMENTALS Tutorial | Intro to View Settings


Over the next few days, I’ll post additional videos on:

– Layers and Layer Combinations
– Layer Management
– Clone Folders
– Advanced View Options

NOTE: These lessons are all pulled from from my Best Practices Course on ArchiCAD as my gift to you and all ArchiCAD users this week.


CyberWeek wouldn’t be worthy of the name if I didn’t offer some special pricing on my ArchiCAD training and template products.

To start the week out, let’s begin with ArchiCAD basic training. My QuickStart Course provides 29 easy-to-digest lessons totaling 13 hours of instruction. It’s designed to get a raw beginner up and running, comfortable with the ArchiCAD environment and able to produce a clean model and accurate drawings.

Many people have reported that they’ve gone through QuickStart in a weekend, or just a few days, then stepped into a new job at an office using ArchiCAD and been able to take direction and get going. It may not be a miracle, but QuickStart is probably the most effective way to get started as a new user, with my Best Practices principles incorporated throughout the teaching.

Normally this course retails for $197, but during Cyber Week, you can purchase the QuickStart Course for only $97, less than half price. After payment through our secure shopping cart via credit card or PayPal, you’ll get immediate access and can get started right away.

For even more value (and support) pick up the QuickStart Course bundled with 3 months of my ArchiCAD Coaching Program for only $144 (a savings of $150).

FYI – as a member of the ArchiCAD Coaching Program you’ll get my personal assistance on your ArchiCAD questions. You’ll get started right, and keep going strong with my help!

NOTE: These limited time offers are valid during CyberWeek, then disappear.


P.S. What’s the deal for tomorrow? It’s a surprise. Something I’ve never put on sale before. In fact, there are several goodies in tomorrow’s basket. Stay tuned!

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