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ArchiCAD has 90,000 fans, my channel has 200,000 views – let’s celebrate ArchiCAD!

The ArchiCAD page on Facebook now has more than 90,000 fans. In February 2011 I remarked in a blog post how awesome it was that there were 15,000 fans for ArchiCAD – now it’s 6 times as awesome!

We are NOT alone – in fact we’re in good company – there are tens of thousands of ArchiCAD-lovers around the world.

I don’t have 90,000 fans myself, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel has 191,727 views as of this moment. I’m expecting it to reach 200,000 views within the next few days! I invite you to join my 937 subscribers so you get notified whenever I post another one of my free ArchiCAD tutorials.

In celebration of these milestones, I’m uploading some more free content onto my channel – so YouTube will have the first 6 lessons from my QuickStart Course. This 29 lesson course teaches the basics of using ArchiCAD, but it’s not only for new users. I’ve had veteran users watch some of the lessons and comment “when did they add that feature?” and “I never realized you could do it THAT way… cool!”

The QuickStart Course - ArchiCAD basic training by Eric Bobrow


PLUS – I’m putting both of my courses on sale for this week.

You can sign up for the complete QuickStart Course (13 hours of easy-to-follow video lessons) for only $127, or two payments of $67.

OR… you can go for the whole enchilada – the entire Best Practices Course, with over 60 hours of high-quality material (including the entire QuickStart Course) for only $597, a savings of $100 – or get in today for only $97 per month on the convenient extended payment plan.

The Best Practices Course - ArchiCAD training by Eric Bobrow

The Best Practices Course has one more EXTRA special feature as a free bonus – a complete ArchiCAD Coaching Program. When you register for Best Practices, you can send in your questions any time to me, and I’ll answer them during one of my live webinar training calls. These 90 minute sessions are held 3 times each month at different times of day to accommodate viewers from all over the world (sometimes we’ve had 5 continents represented on one call – whew!) and are also recorded for later viewing.

For more info, or to sign up during this special sale, please visit:

If you’d like to gain more mastery of ArchiCAD, check out my courses.

They’ll give you tremendous benefit, and help you get the most out of our favorite BIM software!

Eric Bobrow

P.S. These special offers run through March 31, 2012.

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