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Eric in Bali - profile pictureAs you probably know, ArchiCAD 20 was released last week here in the U.S. and in several other countries.

It brings a sparkling new interface with a raft of new features and optimization of existing functionality.


To celebrate ArchiCAD 20, I’ll be running a special MASTER ARCHICAD promotion through August 20, with deep discounts on all of my training products as well as pre-release pricing on MasterTemplate 20 upgrades and new licenses.

As the first step, I launched an online ArchiCAD 20 Upgrade Training on Thursday July 7.

It’s designed to help you hit the ground running and take advantage of the enhanced workflow for new projects as well as the most seamless methods for migrating projects forward.

This is the first of 4 Masters of ArchiCAD Training Courses for 2016.

At the end of this post, I’ll also share with you some goodies, including a FREE Guest Pass for two of the most interesting presentations from the recent Masters of ArchiCAD Summit 2016.


Recently I conducted a survey of about 600 ArchiCAD users to help me understand the most important challenges facing each of you. From that study, I have come up with a plan for tutorials and training for the second half of 2016 to help you Master ArchiCAD and get the most out of this powerful software.

Here is an interesting graphic that illustrates the answers to the survey question “What is your biggest challenge when using ArchiCAD?” The size of each word is based on the number of times it was referenced.

ArchiCAD word cloud


I taught a 4 week online ArchiCAD 20 Upgrade Training course in July; this will be followed by a 4 week course on ArchiCAD Office Standards and Templates. The courses are made up of a 60 – 90 minute session each week, delivered live through GoToWebinar and recorded for convenient reference in the member website.

From September through November, we’ll have two 6 week courses (schedules to be announced), one on Quantity Calcs and Cost Estimation, the other on Advanced 3D Modeling. These courses will be taught by experts who presented at the recent Masters of ArchiCAD Summit.

For more info and to sign up for any or all of the Masters of ArchiCAD 2016 series of training courses at special discounted pricing through August 20, please visit the MASTER ARCHICAD sales page.

Earlier courses from the Masters of ArchiCAD 2015 series as well as the Summit 2015 and Summit 2016 conferences are also on sale.


MasterTemplate, the Office Standard for ArchiCAD, embeds best practices principles into the structure of the project file to speed your work and improve the quality and consistency of your projects. With each new version of ArchiCAD, MasterTemplate is upgraded to provide full compatibility as well as additional features and functionality.

MasterTemplate 20 will be released in the second half of July. Pre-release pricing is available through August 20 for both upgrades and new licenses of MasterTemplate.


My QuickStart Course is one of the best ways to get up to speed quickly with ArchiCAD. Originally created for ArchiCAD 15, I will be producing a brand new version this year, highlighting the new ArchiCAD 20 interface and working tools.

The Best Practices Course is one of the most comprehensive training resources for ArchiCAD available anywhere, with well over 100 hours of carefully organized curriculum. I plan to review the training videos and create new ones for ArchiCAD 20 wherever it will be helpful. In addition, I’ll be adding both of my new courses: ArchiCAD 20 Upgrade and ArchiCAD Office Standards and Templates, to the Best Practices Course.

Anyone who purchases QuickStart or Best Practices in 2016 will get free access to the AC20 lessons; upgrade pricing will be available for people who signed up earlier.

In addition, during the MASTER ARCHICAD sale, both QuickStart and Best Practices will be offered for a substantial discount.


I plan to create a new series of short videos that I’ll share on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel, which recently achieved a couple of milestones: 15,000+ subscribers and 2.4 Million Views. I’ll announce these new tutorials as they become available over the next few months.

MofA-Guest-Pass-2016-3-mastersAs a final treat, I’m making available for a limited time a Masters of ArchiCAD 2016 Guest Pass, allowing you to catch three cool presentations from the 2015 and 2016 Summit conferences with my compliments.

One is a talk by veteran designer Chris Ellis, a graduate of my Best Practices Course. Chris shares how he works “live” inside ArchiCAD in design charrettes with clients and pre-sales meetings with prospective clients. His refined methodology wins him more business and saves a huge amount of time during the design process. His hour-long presentation is accompanied by a 30 page PDF guide with practical notes and checklists that he produced especially for the Summit.

You’ll also get to watch an impressive case study by New Jersey architect Andrew Passacantando from the 2015 Summit. He does amazing work with ArchiCAD on very complex and beautifully designed residential projects with intricate details including ornate mouldings, staircases, turrets and roof planes (see screenshot of his ArchiCAD model).

With the Guest Pass, you’ll also get my ArchiCAD Speed Tricks and Shortcuts mini-class, which may just help you push your working speed up an extra notch.

Click here to grab your free Masters of ArchiCAD Guest Pass. You’ll get an automatic email giving you access to the three Masters presentations, and you can watch them at your convenience.

I’ll be back with more news soon!


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