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65 Years on the Planet, 30 Years with ARCHICAD – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Today, April 18th 2019 is my 65th birthday!

And by coincidence (in terms of important milestones), it's my 30th year working with ARCHICAD; and last week, my ARCHICAD Tutorials YouTube channel reached 25,000 subscribers.

I'm sharing the event with my ARCHICAD tribe, and you're invited (of course) to celebrate with me this special occasion in a special edition of the ARCHICAD USER monthly webinar. 

In today's session, I'll be giving you my perspective on the ARCHICAD journey along with two guests who played very important roles.

If you're not already registered, click here to join us at 1 pm PDT or you can catch the recording later on the ARCHICAD USER website.


If I've helped you along the ARCHICAD journey, with my tutorials, training courses or MasterTemplate, here are two ways you can give me a birthday gift:

  1. Write up a testimonial about my work and how it has helped you on this page
  2. Buy one of my ARCHICAD products during my BIG 65th birthday sale, which runs through the end of May.

Help me celebrate at bobrow.com/65

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Joe Archibald - April 18, 2019


When I started with Archicad back in 2008 I knew squat & somehow found out about your Best Practices training course. I quickly ordered the CD’s (antiquated now it seems) & started watching and learning how to use the software. I’ve continually learned from your courses, trainings and videos over the years to the point where I think I’m pretty competent user, with dreams of getting to level of you, Andreas, Tim Ball, Roderick and others. With luck and your great trainings I’ll get there and bring my goal of more fully integrated BIM to the small-scale residential architecture market. Thanks so much for all of your work promoting and supporting the Archicad community.

Many you have many more years of success, joy and reward in your life.


Thomas Downer - April 18, 2019

Hi Eric,
I had purchased ArchiCAD many years ago and struggled for several years to learn the software using the official tutorials without success. I learned of your Best Practices course which was quite new at the time. I was finally able to climb the learning curve and made ArchiCAD my standard design software. The software has continually changed and I have relied on Eric’s various programs to keep up with the new features and to get the benefits of the software for my practice. Thank you Eric.
Tom Downer

Tomas Echalar - April 18, 2019

Hi Eric,
I started with Archicad in 2013; Since then I have learned to use it thanks to good people like you on YouTube. I have not had the opportunity yet to acquire your courses, but the videos that you have uploaded to Youtube have helped me a lot to improve my skills in Archicad; I would like to have the possibility of acquiring this offer on the occasion of your birthday, but we will see what happens there is time until the 30th.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world, God bless you, greetings from Bolivia – South America


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