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Share Your Experience of My Work

I'm pleased to see you here...and to know that my work has helped you in some way. Thank you for taking a few minutes to write something up, it means the world to me.

To be most helpful to your colleagues, and give me something of real value, please take the time to share specifics and go into depth about what you've learned and the impact it has had on your life and/or work. 

It is my mission to help ARCHICAD users get the most out of our favorite software, to be productive and efficient while feeling the ease and power of a finely crafted tool that gets the job done.

It is my fervent hope that I am achieving my mission - at least for you - in some significant measure.

Eric Bobrow - Your friendly ARCHICAD Guru


I am so grateful to have received such positive feedback from clients, and I am excited to continue my ARCHICAD journey with you!

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