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I’m pleased to see you here…and to know that my work has helped you in some way. Thank you for taking a few minutes to write something up, it means the world to me.

To be most helpful to your colleagues, and give me something of real value, please take the time to share specifics and go into depth about what you’ve learned and the impact it has had on your life and/or work. 

It is my mission to help ARCHICAD users get the most out of our favorite software, to be productive and efficient while feeling the ease and power of a finely crafted tool that gets the job done.

It is my fervent hope that I am achieving my mission – at least for you – in some significant measure.

Eric Bobrow – Your friendly ARCHICAD Guru

Remove PictureWhat products or services have you experienced or purchased from me?What are the most interesting or important things you have learned or benefited from?Has this made a difference in your life or your work? If so, how much? Be as descriptive and specific as possible.Feel free to put in additional comments here…Here Ya Go!

Thanks for submitting your testimonial. I really appreciate it – and you!


I am so grateful to have received such positive feedback from clients, and I am excited to continue my ARCHICAD journey with you!

Totally changed my ability to integrate and make ArchiCAD a pleasure to work with


PRODUCTS: Best Practices Course, GDL course with Gary Lawes / Eric Bobrow

Small but highly relevant detail stuff – parts of menu’s we (I) typically do not venture into

Totally changed my ability to integrate and make ArchiCAD a pleasure to work with knowing the EB shortcuts and explanations to complex routines

Eric’s tutorials ALWAYS have some interesting and valuable component even when I think I know a lot about that particular subject. Eric’s gift is always to explain several ways of achieving the same result BUT almost every time surprises me with one more method or menu button hidden deep in the ArchiCAD structure that makes things even simpler. Almost every day I work on ArchiCAD I say “Thank you Eric” for this or that or just getting me to a decent level of productivity. Thank you Eric again – and all the Best for your 65th and many more!

Eric: Awesome Dude!

A.D. DavisAssociate Architect

PRODUCTS: Free Tutorial videos, webinars, email contact

A basic sense of how to get things done…

I joined a firm that employed ArchiCAD, w/ which I had ZERO experience, compounded by the fact that I had no-one available in-house to train me (my predecessor left the day before I started), and so basically, I was on my own, exacerbated by the fact that I needed to achieve a working level of proficiency posthaste!… Fortunately, I was able to find Eric online, and his tutorials were the means by which I was able to get up to speed quickly. I viewed others; however, I found Eric’s to be the most beneficial. Since that initial exposure, whenever I have been stuck on a particular issue and seemingly unable to figure it out on my own, I have reached out to Eric and on each occasion, he has responded promptly and steered me in the right direction. While this is obviously Eric’s vocation, it’s clear that his motivation is an altruistic desire to make the ArchiCAD experience a smooth and efficient one for its users. He has proven to be a reliable source of support, and I am grateful for all that he does. Eric’s an AWESOME DUDE!…

All your videos are a jewel in Archicad’s global knowledge

Luis Fernando ZapataArchitech

Free tutorials in YouTube

All MY learning

Thanks to your generosity in sharing your knowledge I have managed to acquire a good level in the management of Archicad

All your videos are a jewel in Archicad’s global knowledge, thank you very much

Thanks to Eric my use of Archicad is so much more advanced!

Carole Wylie

Best Practices Course, Master Template, Coaching program

I have learned to use the Archicad tools at a much higher and competent level. When something arises that I cannot figure out, it is so great to know that I can share my issue with Eric and join his coaching call to learn ways to make Archicad work for me.

Using Eric’s Master Template has really saved a lot of time and has improved my drawing standards. All of the benefits of having preset layer combinations, etc. has helped not only with construction documents, but also with design development and presentation views. Including Eric’s expertise is invaluable to my everyday use of Archicad.

Thank you Eric for your tremendous help over the past years and Happy Birthday!!Carole Wylie

Eric teaches you EVERYTHING!

Julie Caliridrafter

I’m currently taking the 2020 course, watch the Coaching Calls, and have the MasterTemplate, and have watched misc tutorials on his YouTube channel.

As a total beginner in ARCHICAD, I’m learning from the start how to use this program properly. Eric has shown how proper use of ARCHICAD (and utilization of templates) can streamline your work flow and increase productivity tenfold.I also find his instruction on layers, and layer combinations, extremely helpful.

Again, as a total beginner in ARCHICAD, within a couple months I went from barely drawing simple walls to using (and more importantly) understanding features such as the Renovation tool. My boss can now give me real work, I can open a complicated plan, and know what to do and where to look.

Eric’s comprehensive knowledge of ARCHICAD is so clear. He can help anyone, beginner or experienced. The Coaching Calls teach you so much even if you aren’t submitting a question. He’s teaching everyone how to use this program thoughtfully, and by doing so, the vast capabilities of ARCHICAD are exposed. What he offers is priceless for any experience level. It’s very impressive!

Thanks Eric for bringing me into the electronic age

Michael KnappArchitect/City Planner/Project Manager Professional since 1967

Products: Best Practices Course, Master Template, ARCHICAD Coaching Program and Free Tutorial Videos

As an Architect–City Planner with a Bachelors of Architecture in 1967 and a Masters in City Planning, most of my professional experience was in City Planning and I did not have experience in ARCHICAD or any other electronic drawing…LOL I did produce beautiful hand drawings for hospitals, high rise offices, residences, etc. However, most of my experience was the planning of Cities and Counties (ie. City of Bellevue, Wa; City of Seatac, Wa.; City of Bellingham, Wa/City of Orlando, Florida; Dubai, UAE; What I have learned is all that I have missed as it relates to the capability of graphic communication as it relates to my training and Architectural work that I now want to accomplish relative to CAD for Architecture. Thanks for the reintroduction to this electronic world of CAD!

Because I have so much more to learn and be skilled at CAD drawing…It is now just being revealed how I can get back into my architecture without using just my hand drawing skills…lol

Thanks Eric for bringing back into the electronic age of CAD!

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