Bumps in the Road

Oh, this brave new world…

I’ve been learning so much about communicating with the new Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools and social media. It is now possible to connect with people from all over the world based on common interests. Entire new business models are emerging, and I am actively studying and trying to take advantage of some of the new possibilities. It’s very exciting and liberating!

However, sometimes there are bumps in the road. Last week I posted a notice on ArchiCAD-Talk about a free ArchiCAD video tutorial I created that showed how to streamline the layer popup palette. I titled it provocatively Simplify Your Life, in an attempt to garner interest, and to make a metaphor. If you use certain ArchiCAD settings to streamline elements in your work environment, your (work) life will get a little simpler to manage, and by extension, you’ll be more efficient and perhaps a bit less stressed as you try to meet deadlines.

One of the respected members of that forum disagreed with my suggestion, and went beyond a simple statement of his preferences. He wrote “what (large) companies have you implemented this in and whose lives have you simplified? I’d like to hear from them…” I felt challenged, called-out, and responded vigorously. I went too far.

Although there were posts from two others who supported my idea, my reaction – to not only defend what I taught in that tutorial, but to list in great detail my background and accomplishments, along with quotes from ArchiCAD users who liked the video – overstepped the bounds in that forum.

There is a wonderful ethos on ArchiCAD Talk – a sense of community, one that values mutual assistance and active discussion of ideas. There are several hundred users who regularly post, and it is a lively place. When I pushed back in the way that I did, there were some that felt like I was only there to promote my commercial offerings (the Best Practice Course, etc.). Suddenly, I wasn’t seen as a member of the community, but as an interloper. Today I posted an apology, for I have truly learned from this experience.

Live and learn!
That’s my motto for today…

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