New Free ArchiCAD Tutorial | Guide Lines in ArchiCAD 15

Many of my clients have expressed some puzzlement or frustration in trying to use Guide Lines in ArchiCAD 15. While the new features are powerful and very useful (I particularly like the fact that guide lines show up in the 3D window), it can be confusing when some of the old methods don’t work the same way.

I have created a 15 minute video tutorial on this subject that clarifies the new behavior and methods for guide lines in ArchiCAD 15. This is intended to supplement the excellent videos that Graphisoft has created that highlight the power and flexibility of the new features.

Please check it out on my YouTube channel here:
ArchiCAD Tutorial – Guide Lines in ArchiCAD 15

There are quite a few ArchiCAD tutorial videos on my YouTube channel for you to watch when you get a chance. If you’d like to be informed when I post another free video, you may subscribe to my YouTube channel.

P.S. You will also find it useful to check the ArchiCAD Wiki for the article that Graphisoft posted on Guide Lines.

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noel - December 20, 2012

happy to get the tutorial

Apeletey - June 10, 2018

want to download the videos


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