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The Business of Architecture Summit

business-of-architecture-summitI’m very pleased to announce that I am speaking at the Business of Architecture Summit, an online conference for small firm and solo practitioners.

Two days of CES-approved training sessions are presented by leading experts who know the challenges that small architecture firms and sole practitioners face (and the solutions to those challenges).

The Summit focuses on the 3 pillars of a strong practice – attracting and winning more of the right kind of projects, project management and delivery, and strategies to make and retain more profit.

My talk on Internet Marketing for Architects is on at 3 pm PDT on Friday October 17, 2014.


Booked Solid Within 4 Months: My Interview with Architect Marketing Consultant

The Monkey's Fist - A Useful Tool for Architect Marketing?

My behind-the-scenes interview with marketing ‘hired gun’ who had a struggling residential architecture firm increase their prices by 30% and booked solid in 4 months.

What is the secret of this “Monkey’s Fist”??

And what does it have to do with bringing in a flood of new clients and projects to your design business?
Read on, and you’ll find out…


Please forgive me when I ask you this question.

Here we go.

If you are such a good architect then why aren’t you busy with lots of projects right now?

Part of the answer is that selling architecture services is still a challenge in this economy. But there’s a lot more to this question.

Are you frustrated by any of the following…

  • Clients questioning your fees or worse still choosing a cheaper architect?
  • Clients stalling and long delays?
  • Losing deals to inferior architects?
  • Being fully booked one month then wondering where you next client is coming from the next?

Unfortunately being the best architect will not make you rich. Here are three highly profitable companies who do NOT make the best product.

  • McDonald’s doesn’t make the best burgers.
  • Pizza Hut doesn’t make the best pizza
  • Microsoft doesn’t make the best software

But they all make tons of money.


Because they are the best marketers.


That is unfair and should not be the case but all of us have to live in the real world.
‘Fair’ is not the driving force in our business, marketing is.

Sure you need to be a good architect however that won’t automatically bring you clients, since it’s likely there are many good ones in your area.

You need to be the best marketer of architecture services.
Architecture school does not teach that.

So how do you do it?

I am very excited to say that I will be interviewing a guy who will be able to help you make 2014 a breakthrough year.


Let me tell you a quick story.

A colleague interviewed a Kiwi architect who was doing extremely well in New Zealand. This architect talked about how she went from struggling to get leads even and was discounting her fee.

She then found a marketing ‘hired gun’ who specialized in selling professional services and within four months was booked solid and had over 120 leads. Plus, get this, she had increased her fee by 30%.

The stuff Mona was doing was NOT the typical stuff we are used to architects doing. In fact in some cases it broke every rules we had ever been taught about selling.

But it worked brilliantly and clients seemed to love this new approach.

At the end of the interview everyone who watched wanted to know who she had worked with because his name was never mentioned. The marketer was only referred to several times as ‘my expensive marketing guy’.

This drove people crazy including me so to cut a long story short I made a few calls, found out his name and asked if I could speak with him directly about marketing for architects.

He agreed.


Be ready for something different, provocative, and challenging.

These strategies are not your typical run of the mill ideas used by architects.

Here is a taste of what Richard will be covering.

  • How to attract the most profitable clients and repel the clients who want everything for free.
  • How to charge significantly higher prices than your competition and get little or no resistance
  • The Secret of the Monkey’s Fist – how to get qualified buyers calling you
  • The Shock and Awe gift box that regularly doubles conversion rates and slashes the time wasted on prospects who are never going to buy on price

The ‘marketing guy’ has agreed not to just share strategies but also the mindset required to transform your thinking about selling and buying architecture services.

Block out your calendar on Wednesday September 25 at 1 pm PDT and don’t let anything stop you from joining us for this exclusive interview, which will transform 2014 for you.


This changes everything.


UPDATE (Sept. 26):

Our interview yesterday was very well received with over 140 people attending, my best ever! The video recording is now posted (for a limited time) on my new Architects Marketing website. There will be a follow-up webinar with Richard Petrie, in which he will go over his entire Architect Client Getting System on Wednesday October 9 at 1 pm PDT – you can register for this free webinar here.

The 90 Day Architect Marketing Machine

If you’re an architect or building designer, this free Architect Marketing training webinar is for you.

Here’s what it’s about…

As you probably know, last year I became increasingly involved in helping my architect clients use internet strategies to generate leads. I even launched my Internet Marketing for Architects training course… then something interesting happened.

Through my research on other architect marketing specialists (my competition I thought) I stumbled across this strange name: ‘String Nikolic’. An offline architect marketing specialist from ‘down under’.

I was intrigued.

Long story short, I checked out what he’s teaching, connected with him and finally (it’s taken about 3 months) he presented his unique marketing system last month to my Architect Marketing Coaching program members.

The response from my members was incredible.

FREE Architect Marketing Training Webinar

90 Day Architect Marketing Machine training webinar slidesHere’s what it has to do with you…

With the success and feedback from this training webinar, I’ve convinced String to run a free online training on his ’90 Day Architect Marketing Machine’ – and you’re invited.

Click this link to reserve your seat:

90 Day Architect Marketing Machine – Free Training Webinar

  • March 6 at 11 am PST
  • March 7 at 4 pm PST

NOTE re the webinar times: PST = U.S. Pacific Time – that’s California time = GMT – 8. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand – that’s actually March 7 or 8…

Join String Nikolic on this LIVE online training where you’ll learn…

  • Why most architect marketing fails before it’s even launched – and what to do to make sure your audience is ready to receive your message…
  • The 5 key principles for building a rock-solid lead generation system that predictably funnels more prospects into your conversion appointments…
  • How to design a 90-day marketing machine for your architecture business – and convert more of your prospects into paying clients…

A note on capacity:

String has only 100 spots for this training (maximum limit on his webinar platform) plus he’s inviting his list of architects. So if you are interested I recommend registering before it fills up.

I apologize if the webinar is already full by the time you read this. We may offer it again, or make a replay available. I’ll have to talk with String to see what he’s willing to do.

Architect Marketing Training Slides

String gave me a preview of the presentation and it looks awesome. I twisted his arm and got him to agree to share the slides with me and allow me to post them for you to look over.

I suggest you download and print them so you have them handy while you watch the training. They’re set up as miniature slide images with space to write your notes.

Here’s the link again to register:

If you are tired of spending money on advertising with mixed results then this is for you. Or if you’ve been just waiting for the phone to ring, not knowing what to do to bring in business, then you absolutely can’t afford to miss this presentation.

I’m really looking forward to watching the webinar myself. (String has some great ideas and I want to steal them. ;->)


P.S. String told me that he’ll stay on as long as needed to answer questions LIVE on the call. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to ask specific questions about what to do right now rather than just go through theory.