Achieve ARCHICAD Mastery with the Best Practices 2020 Course

Dear Hard-Working ARCHICAD User –

I am creating a brand new version of my classic “Best Practices Course” for ARCHICAD, and YOU are invited to join me on the journey towards ARCHICAD mastery!

Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, there are so many intricacies to ARCHICAD that it’s likely that you are NOT using the program as effectively as possible. 

Perhaps you already know that – you find the program challenging, and there are areas you don’t venture into because they are complex and you aren’t confident you can pull them off.

Or perhaps you’re getting work out the door routinely, using the methods you’ve developed over time.

However if you haven’t kept “sharpening your saw” you’re missing out on the benefits of an optimized workflow with the latest tools, wasting your precious time and money.

After seeing my current Best Practices Update webinar sharing 10 Cool Tutorials, California architect Bob Schwenke, a 30 year veteran (he started the same year that I did) wrote to me: “What you showed today showed me so many things within the program that I have ignored which will reduce the amount of time it takes to produce my plans.”

New Zealand architectural designer Steve Masey sent me a note: “I just wanted to say thank you for the effort you’ve put into the webinar today. I’ve been using Archicad for the last 12 years, and was still able to make 3 pages of notes of things to apply in Archicad.”

Ross Cahill-O’Brien of Dublin Ireland wrote that he and his colleague were “mad keen to get all the tricks..”

These are comments following my two hour webinar.

Imagine how much there is to learn in my full ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course – covering virtually all aspects of using ARCHICAD. I have started the process of building out this entirely new set of fully up to date lessons. 

Ready to uplevel your ARCHICAD skills? 

Read on for all the details…or click here to jump to the special offer >>


Why This Course May Be the Most Important Investment You Can Make In Your Practice

If you use ARCHICAD to get your work done, then you know how important it is to work efficiently.

When you’re not sure how to do things, it takes longer. You may have to rework things more than once to get them to look right. You can even go around in circles for some things just because you’re missing some small step or setting.

When work piles up and you have deadlines, it can be a high stress time trying to get work out the door.

  • Have you ever felt like you wanted to throw your computer out the window?
  • Or like you wanted to go back to paper and pencil just because you can’t get it to do what you need?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Working with ARCHICAD can be a highly enjoyable, profitable process.

One that is continually stimulating and even exciting, as you design and produce sets of drawings faster than ever before. 

One in which you’re continually learning and mastering new things, optimizing your workflow – so you can focus on the things that made you choose to be an architect or work in the building design field. Your unique skills, unencumbered by the limitations of your ARCHICAD abilities, creating and delivering high quality materials.

A life-long learner who’s mastered ARCHICAD

Recently I was talking with Ken Andrews, a Georgia architect who as a relatively new user went through the Best Practices Course when it launched in 2011, and adopted MasterTemplate shortly afterwards.

Ken said that he is very grateful to me since he enjoys his work more than ever these days, and produces his projects much more quickly using what he’s learned and incorporated from my teaching.

On three recent jobs, he completed retail store designs with permit sets of drawings in 3 or 4 days each that used to take him 2 or 3 weeks. That’s over 3 times faster!

He also told me about a custom home that he just finished designing; he delivered the final drawings in a fraction of the time, and got them through the permit process in a single day.

He’s more profitable, and the clients keep coming back for more since the quality of his deliverables stand out compared to other architects.

At 69 years old Ken is still learning. In fact he often sits in on my ARCHICAD Coaching Program calls since he keeps discovering time-saving tricks as I answer questions and demonstrate best practices working methods.


ARCHICAD Best Practices have changed so much over the years. When I first started working with version 3.42 of the program back in 1989, walls and slabs were made of one material and spanned a single story.

Composites came a bit later, and multi-story walls and complex profiles were introduced in 2006 with ArchiCAD 10.

We used to stack these building pieces, now it’s best to intersect them so the various components of these assemblies can clean up automatically to create detailed sections.

Columns were introduced in version 5 along with curved edges for slabs. Believe it or not, we used to approximate a curve with a series of short segments.

Teamwork was breakthrough new technology in 5.1, 3D navigation in version 6, Publisher in version 7, OpenGL for easy 3D navigation in version 8, Lightworks rendering and rich text formatting in version 9.

(I’m leaving out countless other improvements and a few intermediate versions along the way.)

Do you recall ArchiCAD 10? It was revolutionary, as Plotmaker (a separate program for plotting and arranging drawings on layout sheets) was integrated into ArchiCAD, becoming the Layout Book in the Navigator. Solid Element Operations and Complex Profiles made this version truly stunning.

Virtual Trace was the big innovation in ArchiCAD 11, 64 bit multi-processing in 12, and the BIM Server arrived around version 13 or 14 (I’ve started to lose track). Renovation tags and filters simplified remodel projects dramatically in version 15. Multi-plane roofs appeared in 15, Morphs and Shells in 16.

The introduction of Building Materials in ArchiCAD 17 changed the game dramatically. I rebuilt MasterTemplate from scratch at that time to make sure that it was fully in sync with Graphisoft’s new project structure.

In recent years new options have dramatically changed the best ways to place and manage labels, annotation and schedules.

New methods for visualizing your model have been introduced in the form of Cinerender, BIMx and Graphic Overrides.

New integrated system-based tools for stairs, railings and curtain walls are much more flexible – allowing you to model things that were tedious or impractical before – but at a cost of greater complexity and a steeper learning curve.

Sharing models with consultants and importing objects from manufacturers are both much easier using the latest IFC translators along with add-ons to directly import Revit files.

This year, formula-based properties open up dramatic new possibilities for quantity take-offs and cost estimation, and offset modifiers make complex profiles more flexible.


Do you keep learning and refining your working methods as Graphisoft changes the program and the rules of the game?

It has been my mission for almost 30 years to help ARCHICAD users use the program more effectively. I make it my business (literally) to keep up with everything I can, and translate the technicalities into practical step by step instruction and application.

My original Best Practices Course launched in 2011 – which is almost ancient history in computer terms. It took me well over 3 years to cover the robust curriculum I laid out, so the core lessons were presented using ArchiCAD 14, 15, 16 and 17.

While I’ve supplemented these lessons with updates for 18, 19, 20 and 21 (sometimes as separate courses presented in the Masters of ARCHICAD series), it’s time to revamp everything so it is a coherent whole – again.


I’m excited to announce the launch of ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020, my new comprehensive training resource. The bulk of the lessons will be produced as a series of live sessions twice a week through all of 2019. This mammoth course will be finished by early 2020, so I’m naming it “2020”. I like this name since it reminds me of the rating we give for perfect eyesight here in the U.S.: 20/20 vision.

I’m aiming to make this new course THE CLASSIC ARCHICAD REFERENCE for the 2020s.(Wow – the 2020s – are we really living in the future already?)

In addition to the twice a week broadcast lessons (which will be recorded and posted for permanent reference in the member area) I’ll run coaching calls on a weekly basis this year, to make it easier to integrate the new knowledge into your actual projects.

Membership in the ARCHICAD Coaching Program is included with your purchase, which makes this a TOTAL bargain.

Now I must admit that this venture is ambitious, and I don’t expect that all members will attend each session. In fact, I’m sure I personally will be the only one who is there every time…


If you want to have the most up to date, comprehensive educational resource for ARCHICAD available to you over the coming years, that you can refer to whenever you have a question…

My new ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 training course will be invaluable – perhaps priceless.

Your success is my business.

Join me on the voyage towards ARCHICAD mastery, help me launch the new course – and get a fantastic deal – see below for details.


As a current Best Practices Course member, you get a massive discounton the purchase of the course and coaching program!Standard Pricing:

ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 = $997Weekly ARCHICAD Coaching sessions = $397/yearTOTAL $1394

Get the full package for only $497!

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This special promotion gives you a huge half-price discount 

on the purchase of the course and coaching program!Standard Pricing:

ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 = $997Weekly ARCHICAD Coaching sessions = $397/yearTOTAL $1394

Get the full package for only $697!

EXTRA BONUSES:Get the original Best Practices Course ($697 value) FREE with signup for the new course!PLUSGet the complete Masters of ARCHICAD Bundle of Courses and SummitsRetail value $3261FREE!

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Introducing:The ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 Course


  • Comprehensive training on virtually all aspects of ARCHICAD
  • Fully up to date with the latest Best Practices Methods
  • Taught by one of the most experienced and respected teachers in the world


  • Carefully organized to make it easy to find what you need
  • Combines step by step technical walk-throughs with strategy and application
  • Integrated coaching program to help apply teaching to practical usage in projects


  • Strategy, Tactics and Workflow Optimization
  • Wide variety of project types – residential / commercial, new and remodel, traditional and modern
  • Modeling, Documentation, Data, Collaboration and Presentation


  • Online webinar broadcasts twice a week through 2019 plus supplemental videos and downloadable materials
  • Weekly ARCHICAD Coaching sessions to answer YOUR questions about how to get stuff done in YOUR projects
  • Everything recorded and transcribed, available in private member area
  • Includes full access to the classic Best Practices Course – over 150 hours of training
  • Projected to include more than 100 hours of brand new, detailed training covering ARCHICAD 20 and up
  • PERMANENT Access to the training videos – refer to them for years to come!


  • Learn Best Practices methods to speed up your work and achieve higher quality
  • Supportive learning environment – if you get stuck, you can get help
  • Reduced stress – get everything working more smoothly
  • More enjoyment – take advantage of ARCHICAD’s power to make your work easier and more fun
  • Speed up your learning curve
  • Be part of a community of active learners

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everyone.

It is designed for ARCHICAD users of ALL levels who want to achieve greater mastery:Higher quality, faster production, more control, with enjoyment and ease.

Who is this for

  • check-circle-oARCHICAD users who want to get the most out of the software
  • check-circle-oPeople who enjoy learning and see the benefit of investing time to improve their skills
  • check-circle-oArchitects, designers and drafters who take pride in their work
  • check-circle-oUsers who want to work more efficiently and get more done in less time

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-oPeople who aren’t interested in learning better ways to do things
  • times-circle-oUsers who feel that Graphisoft deliberately makes ARCHICAD confusing and difficult
  • times-circle-oAnyone who is too busy or unwilling to take time to “sharpen the saw” 
  • times-circle-oAttitude: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’re getting by OK, just keep doing the same thing.”

Transform your Practice and Achieve Greater ARCHICAD Mastery!

I guarantee it! If you don’t feel that the ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course has given you the resources you need to transform your practice and increase your efficiency and productivity, or if the format of the program doesn’t work for you, or if you get tired of listening to my voice…I’ll give you a full refund.

Full 12 month guarantee!

Limited Time Bonus

Masters of ARCHICAD 2018Complete Bundle – 10 Courses and 2 Summit Conferences

Retail Value: $3261 – Included Free with Your Purchase!

10 Courses:

  • Timothy Ball, RIBA (UK) – Highly Detailed 3D Modeling: Create Working Drawings Without 2D Drafting – $297
  • Andreas Lettner (Austria) – CineRender Methods, Tips & Tricks – $197
  • Eric Bobrow (USA) – ARCHICAD 19 Upgrade Training Course – $197
  • Gary Lawes (UK) – Practical, Parametric Object Making Using GDL – $197
  • Roderick Anderson (Costa Rica) – ARCHICAD And BIMx Strategies To Optimize Design & Construction – $197
  • Eric Bobrow (USA) – ARCHICAD 20 Upgrade Training Course – $197
  • Eric Bobrow (USA) – ARCHICAD Templates And Office Standards – $197
  • Eric Bobrow (USA) – ARCHICAD 21 Upgrade Training Course – $197
  • Timothy Ball, Andreas Lettner & Eric Bobrow – Masters of ARCHICAD 2017 Advanced Best Practices Course – $697
  • Eric Bobrow (USA) – ARCHICAD Stairs and Railings Course – $197

Summit Conferences:

  • Masters of ARCHICAD Summit (2015) – 12 Experts from Around the World Sharing Insights & Inspiration – $197
  • Masters of ARCHICAD Summit (2016) – 12 Brand New Presentations from International ARCHICAD Experts – $297

The courses in this collection cover a wide range of specialized topics including Cinerender, GDL, BIMx, Highly Detailed Modeling, Templates, Stairs and Railings etc. plus the incredible set of lessons created in the Masters of ARCHICAD 2017 program by three international masters building an entire project together.

Each of the two Masters of ARCHICAD Summit Conferences featured inspiring presentations by a dozen ARCHICAD masters, sharing their work and insights from years of experience.

At full retail prices, these fantastic ARCHICAD educational resources have a total value of $3261.

The lowest price they’ve ever been sold for is $1000 as a bundle during my Black Friday Sales.

Right now, you can get them as a FREE bonus with your signup for the ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 course.


As a Best Practices Course member, during this launch you get a massive discounton the purchase of the new course and coaching program!Standard Pricing:

ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 = $997Weekly ARCHICAD Coaching sessions = $397/yearTOTAL $1394

Get the course + coaching for only $497!

PLUS!! THIS EXTRA BONUS:Get the complete Masters of ARCHICAD Bundle of Courses and SummitsRetail value $3261FREE!

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As a special promotion, I’m offering you a huge half-price discount 

on the purchase of the course and coaching program!Standard Pricing:

ARCHICAD Best Practices 2020 = $997Weekly ARCHICAD Coaching sessions = $397/yearTOTAL $1394

Get the course + coaching for only $697!

EXTRA BONUSES:Get the original Best Practices Course ($697 value) FREE with signup for the new course!PLUSGet the complete Masters of ARCHICAD Bundle of Courses and SummitsRetail value $3261FREE!

Click the button below to get started now while this special offer is still available:

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Quotes and Testimonials from ARCHICAD Users [click to view]

Short Quotes

A big blind spot…so simple once it is pointed out

Thanks Eric,

That was a big blind spot for me.

It all looks so obvious and simple once it is pointed out.

profile-picIain Dykes

Just what I needed

Thank you Eric, just what I needed…this plus the Tips video from the last Masters of ArchiCAD Summit have been very useful and informative, lot’s I’d forgotten or just didn’t know…this type of short, focused video for each of the tools, buttons, etc. would be great!! 🙂 Thanks again…

profile-picJohn Dunham

Eric’s Best Practices course is fantastic.

Eric’s teaching and instruction breaks down difficult concepts step by step and walks you through a clear and direct path to both understanding and mastery. These courses will lift you do another level in your understanding and application of Archicad tools and techniques, saving you time and money.

The bottom line…I am very pleased with my purchase, and highly recommend it.

profile-picJeff Thompson

A smile on my face

watching your videos puts a smile on my face


You are one of the few guys who can explain the programme in simple and clear way.I have been following your courses all the way through though in my country, internet connection is still a problem and luxury!You will notice that i usually registered for your wedinair but many times could not make it, why? due to frequent power cuts, slow internet connections, late hours of webinair etc

profile-picLeka Nderimo

Eric deserves a great round of applause for his generosity and professionalism in the way he has presented the QuickStart Course. He has packed so much information into each module that he explains very clearly and patiently and he also spends invaluable time on the comparison with the International version, for those of us in Europe.

The QSC is exceptionally good value for money as it gets one working with the software very quickly.

profile-picJohn Allan

This is a very affordable course delivered in a moderate pace by a skilled master …..truly a five star experience. I appreciate the occasional sidebar subjects beyond the presentation topic. The body of knowledge is a challenge for most of us…..Eric, I commend you for making it so simple.


Eric’s training courses gave me a better understanding in using ArchiCAD & has helped me in producing faster better documentation for my projects.

As others have found – producing 3D perspectives while designing the floor plans give the clients a better understanding of what they are paying for and any changes required are easily done as Eric shows us how, easily and efficiently.

Thanks Eric, & I will keep updating my skills with your courses as ArchiCAD changes with newer & better ways for drawing and modeling into the future.


I can’t imagine my AC education without you !

You’ve brought us so many nice things over the years……Saint Eric.

I can’t imagine my AC education without you !

Best, Buzz

profile-picBuzz Bryan

This will save me a lot of clicks

Excellent tutorial on the tracker.

This will save me a lot of clicks and mouse moves.


profile-picTom Downer

Worked a treat

Brilliant Eric ….worked a treat, thanks

profile-picMelvyn Britton

Amazing how fast you can learn


Have loved the lessons. Amazing how fast you can learn the program with your good instruction.

profile-picBryan Nyhof

I actually am having fun

I’ve been getting so much out of your stuff that I actually am having fun within my own practice.

profile-picRicardo Yeaton

Very glad I invested in your classes

I am very glad I invested in your classes. They are very good and easy to follow.

profile-picRenata Rezende

Eric is a genius, I pray for you to live longer than your fore fathers in good health and wealthy condition.You are incredible Guy.

Best regards

profile-picClement Obomighie

Both are fantastic courses, very well structured.

QuickStart is explained in a simple but very detailed manner that is perfect for those who want to start using ArchiCAD. The Best Practices Course surpassed my expectations and I love the way that Eric discusses all matters.

Congratulations Eric, fantastic! Recommend to everyone!

Anisio Goulart – Brazil

profile-picAnisio Goulart

So awesome

Your explaining is so awesome

profile-picJude Fernando

The kind of tutorials worth going thru!

These are the kind of tutorials which are worth going thru! Great work Mr.Bobrow. We look forward to more of such such tutorials in Archicad.

profile-picSunil Maru

Like good design, I appreciate your relentless pursuit of education

After some time away from your seminars it was refreshing to plug back into the one on stairs yesterday. So, having participated in your beginning course awhile ago I thought it would be good to plug back in again to review. I was not disappointed – it was really refreshing and helpful as I quickly picked up a couple of tips and techniques. Like good design, I appreciate your relentless pursuit of education to people such as myself.


Rex Prater, AIA

profile-picRex Prater, AIA

You are my favorite tutor

Thanx Bobrow for your coachings.

You are my favorite tutor.

I’m an ArchiCAD user from Zanzibar East Africa..thanks much!

profile-picAhmed Marhaba


OMG, soo simple, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

profile-picMichael Borden

Climb through the computer screen and give you a hug

Eric, if I could climb through the computer screen and give you a hug in thanks for this fantastic tutorial I would.


Very impressed

Hi Eric,

Just a quick note to say that my team are very impressed with your product and thanks for your quick response on any emails.

Best Regards,


profile-picAdam Elcock

Very helpful Eric.

profile-picClement Obomighie

After watching your videos I am really getting it

Hey Eric. First of all, let me thank you for your QuickStart course! I was struggling with archicad 19 but a few days after watching your videos I am really getting it.

profile-picMarco Zicarelli

Before starting the Best Practices Course, I had no control (balance) over ArchiCAD projects. I did not have the ability to do multiple projects in a short time.

In the past 2 years I have learned so much from the QuickStart and Best Practices Courses and the ArchiCAD Coaching Program. Now I am really enjoying ArchiCAD projects, no tension, no time wasted. I have more control on my projects in ArchiCAD, it feels easy.

I really appreciate Mr. Eric Bobrow, his way of teaching, his methods and patience. Anyone who goes through all of his courses will really get mastery over ArchiCAD.


profile-picRajagopala Hathwar

Classy operation


Thanks for the quick reply! You have a classy operation there. Look forward to all you offer.


Stephen Narron

profile-picStephen Narron

Hey Eric –

Have used ArchiCAD for 10 years and thought I knew much about the program but now after I’ve seen some of your Best Practices series, I realize exactly how much I really did not know. Thank you for the very informative and inspiring course.5 stars …

Stig Brandal. Norway

profile-picStig Brandal

The Best By Far

I have been using a number of different tutorials for ArchiCAD of late and enjoy yours the best by far. You have a good balance of easy to listen to style while moving along at a good pace.

profile-picAngela BrownArchitect

Love love love your vids.

Love love love your vids. Saves me hours of time.


profile-picBrian Nyhof

I must say .. great job Eric ! definitely worth money spent.

profile-picKhalid ALHASAN

Cannot do it without you


That was it!!! You have no idea how much easier you have made my life.

I am a one man show but cannot do it without you and CADIMAGE!!!!


profile-picIgnacio Garcia

The best

You’re the best.

profile-picTodd Hotchkiss


Longer Testimonials

When you come first to ArchiCAD you may believe that it is very simple to model buildings in 3D. In fact you can do it easily, but if you feel that this is the target, you’re missing the best of it.

As ArchiCAD user since 1995, I must say that, when I signed as a member at Eric’s ABC Best Practices Course I thought that it would just improve some techniques, not much more, but must say that I was completely mistaken: This excellent course has made me rethink the way I use ArchiCAD.

Eric’s lessons, with his calm style of talking, brings you a blend of a best friend’s tip with the expert’s master advice from one of the most advanced ArchiCAD users ever.

Now I’m using all the power of ArchiCAD, reducing the time to deliver my projects in more than 60% and what is much better: My model contains more and more consistent BIM data according with the impending Building Codes.

If your aim is to learn ArchiCAD, I highly encourage you to sign up for this Course.

profile-picAntonio Tort


I started with Eric about the time Graphisoft seemed to be changing their business model in the US. Prior to that, ArchiCAD resellers were instrumental in training their client/purchasers on the functional use of ArchiCAD. With the new business model, learning ArchiCAD required finding someone with knowledge, time and motivation to share their knowledge.

Eric was one of the individuals. His Best Practices course is quite extensive, in-depth program that I often refer back seeing things I’d forgotten or missed… only wishing I had more time to digest his teachings. The QuickStart program is very beneficial starting out and even now I often use for reference. The thing that ties it all together is the Coaching Calls which are pre-planned sessions where Eric answers student specific questions.

An additional benefit dealing with Eric, is when problems arise which quite often do, he quickly responds with his patient, calming demeanor. I don’t remember what I paid for the program but was one of the early students… and I’m still around learning BECAUSE that’s the way he’s set up the program. Best Practice is an evolving learning system enhanced with personal Coaching calls. This for me has been an invaluable continuing learning experience that will carry-on with the new release of ArchiCAD 17 and beyond…

Thanks Eric…

profile-picDave Olufs

Despite being an experienced user, I have found the combination of back to basics training and fine tuning of techniques really helpful.

The outcome is a much better workflow from first sketches through to working drawing and specification output.

Specifically the use of mod files to create easily accessible and pick-able elements speeds up the drawing process. Intelligent use of PDFs both to import drawings and text file has been useful. Help with creating simple and effective GDL objects from external drawing sources has also been great.

The combination of the Best Practices Course and the Coaching calls has genuinely increased my productivity hugely. Well done Eric!

profile-picTim Ball

The Best Practices Course would have to be the best value for money that I have ever come across.

Each month there is new course material posted and there is always a new coaching call that you can either join or watch at a later date. If you have a specific problem you can always email Eric direct and get a response within the hour, nothing it seems is too much trouble.

It would appear that Eric just loves Archicad and I’m sure he would teach it for nothing if he could afford it. Well he almost is doing it for nothing. I learn’t more in the first month with Eric than I did in the previous 6 months using the manual and bumbling along on my own.

Eric has a great style of teaching and you are never a made to feel like an idiot for not knowing the basics. If you want a head start with ArchiCAD then this is your course. This applies whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user there is always something you can learn.

I give it 5 stars out of five.

Yours Sincerely Tony Warburton Australia

profile-picTony Warburton

When I first began searching for online training on ArchiCAD, I stumbled across some short extracts on YouTube from Eric Bobrow and his Best Practices Course. Being very pleased with the quality of training in these videos, and also coming highly recommended by senior members on forums, I decided to invest in The Best Practices Course.

My first email to Eric was “I’VE BEEN WOWED”. Not only did the course include a comprehensive Best Practices Course curriculum, I was surprised to find additional components which include the QuickStart Course, as well as dozens of coaching call videos (dating as far back as 2011).

As an ArchiCAD beginner, I find the coaching sessions that Eric organises to be an additional highlight to the Best Practices Course. What I like most, is the fact that the coaching calls invite real Architects to ask real architectural BIM questions, in which Eric happily demonstrates solutions to these problems.

Not only does Eric manage to compact all this invaluable information into one site, I have found Eric to be very approachable should I have a urgent questions and need a fast reply.

If I could sum up in a few words what I think of The Best Practices Course, it really is A POT OF GOLD..!

profile-picTony Sarafoski

Even though I consider myself an experienced Archicad user, I always enjoy the new lessons and material that Eric provides, as it always proves to be a way to learn a new, different and maybe better way to do certain things. As an example, I modeled terrains a certain way for years (following some tutorial I had read before) and Eric’s logic and reasoning on the way he taught how to model terrain was so straightforward and made all the sense in the world, and the final product was project files that were much less complex, and that translated into speedier processing times for sections, elevations, and the overall 3D model !!

That same logic applies to many other topics.

The coaching program is a great resource also, and I enjoy being able to sometimes throw Eric a complex question and getting a smart, logical way to solve a problem.

profile-picArchicad User

For anyone just getting started in ArchiCAD or a veteran like myself, Eric’s Best Practices Course and Coaching Program is a must have. I started working with ArchiCAD on AC5.0, upgraded each year to AC 9.0 and just got to being comfortable with what I was doing. A couple of years ago I realized technology was passing me by. My skills were lacking and I decided to move up to AC16—. WOW what a difference. I got a little shell shocked.

Eric’s teaching methods were very easy for me to pick up. He has helped through the transition. My clients are impressed with the quality of my plans. I have saved time designing homes in more detail.

Eric is a great mentor, his methods are thought out. In all of his courses he will get off on a slight tangent to show you a shortcut or something new, but gets right back on track and finishes his lesson. I highly recommend Eric’s Coaching, Courses and MasterTemplate.

Great job!Thanks Eric for all of your help.

5 StarsMark PhillipsMichigan–USA

profile-picMark Phillips

Some of the best money I have ever spent is buying into this course!

As an old guy struggling with the processes of getting the thru put working, Eric’s courses overall have been a real support tool. Starting with version 4.16 many years ago and learning a lot of bad habits, the course materials and organization have shown the way to improvement. Although I cannot put a specific time on the improvements ( I am not noted for keeping my total time updated) it is clear that elements of the course have reduced my time to results ratio substantially.

My guess would be working at least 25% faster on most sections of the work and at least 15% on the rest. A recent apartment project that I did a pretty good time keeping on has resulted in a reduction of more than 25% to get from first sketches to a 22 sheet presentation package for a planning submittal — the work will be over 50% working drawings as soon as the planning department approves.

Specific elements that have helped me are the site plan work to bring references in and get a real working site very quickly, the functional knowledge of the view map and project map uses that make the workflow easier, and the use of folders and clone folders to assist in the preparation of the layout book, make a simpler and more direct work flow with less time spent reworking.

In addition to the workflow improvements in my practice, Eric’s coaching program has opened many new paths of thinking about how things get organized and worked out as well as the fellowship of knowledge that is shared by the other participants. The work and thinking that has been put into the course is an amazing value for anyone’s practice.

Lew Bishop AIA

profile-picLewis Bishop

I’m an architectural designer who has 18 years of experience as an AutoCAD user. Over the years, I have experimented with other products in hopes of breaking away from Autodesk and find a simpler way to model my projects in 3D. I finally made the leap to ArchiCAD in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I work solo and didn’t have time for traditional classroom training that I knew I would need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

I found Eric Bobrow’s free YouTube tutorials while sifting through all the best training materials I could find online. I worked my way through each one of his freebies, while simultaneously working through the tutorials that come with ArchiCAD.

It only took a couple of videos to realize that his training was concise, thoughtful, well paced, thorough, and far superior to other training I found.

As a professional who could not afford to waste any time, I purchased the Quick Start Course, the Best Practices Course, and the Master Template. It was the best investment to go with my new software and I’m truly pleased with my decision.

profile-picChandra Hartman

Eric Bobrow’s “Best Practices Course” is an essential partner to owning an ArchiCAD license

In my view Eric Bobrow’s “Best Practices Course” is an essential partner to owning an ArchiCAD license. A good working knowledge of a CAD system is a critical component in an architect’s office that frees up time for creative work and provides an effective medium to translate design ideas into technical drawing data. We are all aware of the complexities of current CAD programs and ArchiCAD is no exception. Eric’s “Best Practices Course” and his ongoing “Coaching Calls” have completely changed my user experience with ArchiCAD. Eric’s simple instructions and detailed explanations demystify the complex user interface that ArchiCAD has.

Eric has a unique teaching style. Very often he will show several ways to do the same thing – and on many occasions his diversions deep into menu structures unearth commands that I think most users are unaware of and yet are really useful and I now use regularly.

I highly recommend Eric’s courses on ArchiCAD and look forward to future Coaching Calls. I consider his annual access fee for “Coaching Calls” are paid for just in the explanations of the yearly ArchiCAD updates and new feature reviews. Keeping ArchiCAD current and continuing access to Eric’s coaching calls are in my opinion an essential aspect of an architect’s working environment. This keeps our work flow current with new developments in software and allows us to use ArchiCAD in an effective and enjoyable manner.

profile-picRichard Hewitt

After enjoying Eric’s ArchiCAD tutorials & coach calls for over two years, I can sincerely say that his work has been extremely helpful to me, as a sole practitioner, working with ArchiCAD.

Eric is very organized, offers personal assistance, and provides clear, succinct explanations to project problems suggested by participants in the Best Practice Course. I have been working with ArchiCAD since version 6 and I learn new things during each of Eric’s tutorials & coaching calls. During the coaching calls, it is fantastic to observe Eric; absorb, analyze and solve specific project problems that he has not seen previously.

Watching his method of working with these various issues, helps me to work on my own projects and benefit from the magnificence of ArchiCAD.

profile-picJim Belisle OAA/OALA

I couldn’t be more pleased with the ArchiCad Best Practices course by Eric Bobrow.

I bought ArchiCad many versions ago intending to switch from DataCad and Chief Architect for a more robust and flexible program. Despite working through the “getting started” tutorials numerous times, I never felt confident enough to start a project in ArchIcad rather than in the programs I knew well.

Once I discovered the Best Practices course, I quickly transitioned to only working in ArchiCad for the design and construction documents. ArchiCad is a powerful and complex program with many great features, but also a fairly steep learning curve.

The Quick Start and Best Practices courses flatten that curve substantially. The training is organized so one can work through a natural design / documentation process or one can jump to a topic of immediate concern such as setting up automatic schedules, creating a complex wall, or adding terrain to the model. I learn something new every time I watch a video, even ones I’ve seen several times before. And for tasks I don’t do often, it is invaluable knowing I can get a quick refresher from a specific video.

The ArchiCAD Coaching Program is the perfect complement to the courses. All of Eric’s experience and knowledge are available for one’s personal instruction through an online group chat. Other users’ questions sometimes address issues I haven’t yet faced or they may stimulate a question I may have. Even if I don’t completely remember the solution, I have resource to return to for the answer.

As a one person firm, having a knowledgeable coach to help me efficiently use a complex program is invaluable.

profile-picTom Downer

This course has made Archicad usable and a true BIM standard.

Learning the basics of Archicad is not in itself difficult, but mastering the details required to make the programme the office standard for all types of architectural work requires a great deal of experimentation and dedicated application. This course has made the journey easier, more interesting, and has revealed capabilities not previously envisioned.

I do not consider myself a pro but because of this course, I can turn out a complete set of project drawings in a far shorter time than previously done, even with help.

The training videos are thorough in their subject matter, carefully explained and very often, packed with new revelations. Thank you Eric!

profile-picLennox Archibald

The course offers fantastic value and is a must for all ArchiCAD users.

The Quick Start Course will greatly benefit new users, the Best Practice Course will take your knowledge further, and the Coaching Calls will appeal to all users from beginner to experienced user.

Very few people have Eric’s knowledge of ArchiCAD; Eric is also very approachable and will endeavour to answer any question thrown at him on the Coaching calls (however easy or difficult the question posed).

I am particularly pleased at the way Eric has identified where a lot of users are having difficulties, he has incorporated entire Coaching Calls on these topics e.g. scheduling, detailing, renderings and presentations.

profile-picAntony Cooper

I started with Archicad 4 1/2 years ago and struggled to completely switch over from 25 years of autocad. Running a two man architectural practice and studying Archicad at night was a definite challenge. Then while traveling on a business trip, I saw an ad for the Best Practices Course…I signed up and have been a member ever since.

This course is well worth every penny spent. The course is very thorough in every aspect and the Coaching Call program in my opinion is extremely valuable. It helps answer specific questions and with the Archicad community that has other questions it collectively broadens your knowledge. The course and training video’s have also allowed my business to expand, Archicad with all the 3d capabilities has allowed clients to visualize the projects from conception to completion and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Eric Bobrow and his teaching abilities, insight and knowledge of Archicad.

I would highly recommend Eric Bobrow’s Best Practices Course and the Coaching Call Program to anybody who uses or is contemplating using Archicad, it will give you ahead start if your beginning or will teach you to be a better end-user if you have been using Archicad for years.

One last thing, the Master Template that was created by Eric is also a great value as it is so flexible to use and revise to your office standards, it has become a valuable tool in my office.

As Archicad is growing, soon Archicad 17 will be here, within a few weeks Eric will be teaching us all the updates, I can say this as I have witnessed this through 3 upgrades of Archicad with this course.

Thank You Eric!

profile-picKenneth R. Andrews AIA

Your Best Practices Course makes this ArchiCAD program a slam dunk to use. I love it.

Without your course I wouldn’t have a clue on how to work this program. The workbooks from Graphisoft are not detailed enough, in my opinion, to be able to figure out many drawing processes. I was very discouraged before I bought your course. You deserve all of the success that you have had with the courses as it makes the program much easier to learn and get productive.Another plus in your favor is that I can get speedy answers to questions that I have. You are the “greatest” customer service person that I have ever worked with, by far. Every success that you have had, you have earned by time consuming hard work and taking care of your customers after the sale with as much energy and attentiveness as most companies engage in before a sale, but, unfortunately, they, do not follow through after that closing pitch. Well done, Eric.Dan Langbaum, ArchitectBaltimore, Maryland

profile-picDaniel Langbaum



Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is the course suitable for beginning users?

Absolutely. There is a set of basic training lessons called QuickStart that will get you up to speed quickly, learning the fundamentals in the context of best practices methods. After you go through QuickStart, you’ll already be producing work, and ready to learn more theory as well as intermediate methods.

I’m an intermediate user. How does it work for me?

You’ll learn and really come to understand the core principles built into ARCHICAD so you aren’t fighting the program. If you have a challenge, you’ll know how to approach it. And of course, you’ll see clear step by step demonstrations that actually deal with the issues you face every day in your projects. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access is permanent. Many of the lessons will be broadcast live, others will be produced offline; however they will all be available 24/7 in the member area of the website. You can watch them in your browser, or download them for permanent or offline reference.

Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Email me at or use the convenient chat widget in the bottom right corner (it looks like two chat bubbles).

NEW: Extended payment plan

After receiving many requests, I set up an extended payment option to allow the course purchase to be split into 3 installments. Simply click the Signup button, then in the bottom right of the order form, enter 3-PAY and click the Apply button. You’ll see the 3 payment option appear, and can get started with a smaller initial investment!

What if I don’t like the course? Can I get a refund?

This course has a full 12 month satisfaction guarantee. I’m confident that you’ll be delighted and find it one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your professional career. However, if you’re not happy, then simply email me at and I’ll take care of you without hassle or hesitation.

Why should I buy this course instead of other options?

I will teach you the best methods to get your work done based on my 30 years of experience working with ARCHICAD and training users. I’m committed to your success, and do my best to overdeliver rather than stop half-way. 

While I love teaching tips and tricks, I make sure that you learn the fundamental, core skills and tools so you’ll become highly self-sufficient, and develop your natural problem solving skills.

The combination of theory, step by step instruction and coaching will give you everything you need.

How does the ARCHICAD Coaching Program work?

You can get my personal assistance with your ARCHICAD questions by sending me an email or by asking during the weekly live group coaching webinars.

It’s often useful to send in a file so I can answer in context, and adjust or fix elements or settings, or add new features to the model that you need; I’ll send the file back to you with the enhancements or changes.

One last thing…

I love helping ARCHICAD users, and am always open to new ideas. I invite you to send me feedback or suggestions at any time! Simply email and I will personally respond.


If you want to have the most up to date, comprehensive educational resource for ARCHICAD available to you over the coming years, that you can refer to whenever you have a question…The new Best Practices 2020 course will be a fantastic asset.Your success is my business. Join me on the voyage, and help me launch the new course – and get a fantastic deal.

Your friendly ARCHICAD Guru,Eric Bobrow

P.S. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please drop me a line at or post a comment below.

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