Santa Bobrow’s Greetings and BIG Year End Sale

First, let me get one question out of the way.

Yes, this is a real beard.


I encourage you to savor this special moment and take some time off from all the hard work.

Enjoy some sweet quality time with family and friends.

I wish you the best for a fantastic year ahead.



At this time of both giving and shopping, I’d like to tempt you to treat yourself to a gift.
One that will keep on giving for the rest of your career.

Invest in yourself and your practice by mastering ArchiCAD.

In my big year end sale you’ll find bargains galore.

Santa Bobrow wants to reward you for being good, and help you be even better next year.

Click here for all the awesome details.

Make 2016 a fantastic year by gifting yourself as 2015 ticks down…

This sale runs through December 31, 2015.

Whether you’ve been bad or good, next year you can be better at ArchiCAD!

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