MEGA Sale on ArchiCAD Training and Templates

eric-bobrow-headshot-circle-revisedAfter hitting 2 million views on my ArchiCAD Tutorials YouTube channel, it’s high time to celebrate with the biggest and best sale I’ve ever put together!

Let’s have some fun.

Everything is on sale, everything must go!
(Well, in this digital world, we can’t actually run out of products.)

I’ve tried to structure this so that there are two options for every item: the deep discount bare-bones product, and the bundle that adds something really cool for just a tiny bit more (hint: the bundle is the better deal).

It may be difficult to decide which ones to invest in.
In that case, you may be interested in my MEGA BUNDLE – you get EVERYTHING on the menu for one fantastic package price. See the end of this post for details…

This MEGA SALE runs through July 31.
Here’s how much time remains:


My QuickStart Course is known as one of the easiest and most effective ways to get up to speed with ArchiCAD, in 13 hours of training broken up into 29 bite-size videos. Normally $197.

QuickStart Course on sale for $97 (save $100)

QuickStart Course Bundle on sale for $144 (save $150)
Get 3 months membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program for only $47 more…get expert help and personal assistance on your ArchiCAD questions!


My Best Practices Course is one of the most comprehensive training resources ever created for ArchiCAD, with a carefully organized curriculum covering most aspects of this complex and powerful program. 30 Modules, each with 3 to 10 separate training lessons, a total of over 100 hours of material (easily searchable with a built-in Google search). Normally $697.

BEST PRACTICES COURSE – on sale for $397 (save $300)
INCLUDES the QuickStart Course on ArchiCAD Basics too!
PLUS 6 months membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program…get expert help and personal assistance on your ArchiCAD questions!

BEST PRACTICES COURSE BUNDLE – on sale for $494 (save $591)
AND my brand new ArchiCAD 19 Upgrade Training Course (value $197)

ARCHICAD COACHING PROGRAM – on sale for only $97
Get expert help and personal assistance on your ArchiCAD questions, by email or during one of my regularly scheduled coaching call webinar sessions. My ArchiCAD Coaching Program has NEVER been sold separately from the Best Practices Course, until today. You can get access for a limited time to this unique program for only $97 (billed every 3 months)

The Office Standard for ArchiCAD

MasterTemplate is the most widely used independent template for ArchiCAD, with over 1200 users from 65 countries. In continuous development and refinement since 2007, the template embeds Best Practices principles into the project structure to optimize your efficiency and improve the quality and consistency of your 3D model and construction drawings. Normally $297.

MasterTemplate – on sale for $197 (save $100)

MasterTemplate Bundle – on sale for $247 (save $344)
Includes my new ArchiCAD 19 Upgrade Training course (value $197) AND
3 months membership in my ArchiCAD Coaching Program…get expert help and personal assistance on your ArchiCAD questions!

Already own MasterTemplate? Upgrades now on sale:

MasterTemplate Upgrade – on sale for $97 (save $30)
Upgrade from any previous version. Includes detailed instructions and updated manual.

MasterTemplate Upgrade Bundle – on sale for $127 (save $197)
Includes my new ArchiCAD 19 Upgrade Training Course!


Pushing the limits of your inspiration AND your productivity

Masters of ArchiCAD Summit – on sale for $97 (save $100)
12 ArchiCAD Experts from around the world each presented for an hour + in a ground-breaking online event in February of this year. Get the video recordings as a permanent addition to your reference library, to watch in your web browser or download for offline use.

Masters of ArchiCAD Training Series

5 Short Courses by ArchiCAD Experts
Get the Complete Bundle (all 5 PLUS the Summit) for only $597 (save $685)

Tim Ball, UK – ArchiCAD Working Drawings Without Details
6 lesson course – on sale for $197
(save $100)
Tim has figured out how to efficiently model in 3D in such detail that you don’t have to draft any details, allowing you to focus on the fun part of ArchiCAD (design and modeling) and spend very little time on tedious drafting. He’s also got his projects set up so that his specifications are tied directly to the model elements, ensuring they’re always up to date.

Andreas Lettner, Austria – ArchiCAD Cinerender Methods, Tips and Tricks
4 lesson course – on sale for $147 (save $50)
Andreas has been using the Cinerender tools for many years (as part of Cinema 4D) and is an experienced ArchiCAD user and instructor. He teaches how to get high quality renderings with minimal effort – you’ll be amazed at the difference once you use his optimized settings to get beautiful images produced whenever you need them.

Eric Bobrow (that’s me) – ArchiCAD 19 Upgrade Training PLUS Best Practices Lessons from the Masters – 4 lesson course – on sale for $97 (save $100)
I love teaching ArchiCAD users how to gain the best advantage of the new features in each version of the software. And this year, I’m integrating in the lessons I’ve learned from the Masters of ArchiCAD Summit and Training Series, to teach you the latest Best Practices you can use in ArchiCAD 19.

Gary Lawes, UK – Practical Parametric Objects with ArchiCAD GDL
4 lesson course – on sale for $147 (save $50)
Gary makes custom library parts whenever a project can benefit from it, and over the years he’s figured out how to do this quickly and easily. He estimates that these parts save him half of his production time because they get the job done (in 3D and 2D) faster than using off-the-shelf components. You’ll learn how to create your own intelligent components to save time and get higher quality models.

Roderick Anderson, Costa Rica – ArchiCAD and BIMx Strategies to Optimize Design and Construction – 4 lesson course – on sale for $147 (save $50)
Roderick’s firm designs and constructs beautiful high end homes for foreign clients. In the Design-Build context he optimizes and maximizes the information in ArchiCAD’s construction drawings which reduces the burden of information requests, RFIs, and general questions from the construction projects. He’ll teach you how to apply these same processes in a design-only practice to improve your competitiveness and quality of the work produced.


The name says it all: get EVERYTHING listed above for 65% off!

Grab ALL of my training and coaching PLUS MasterTemplate for only $997 (save $1864).

I’ve never done this before (and probably will never do it again).

This sale ends at midnight Pacific Time on July 31.

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William Balkus - July 23, 2015

Eric: I signed up for your best practices course some time ago, but have never used it because I lost my ArchiCad “key” … I also only have ArchiCad 14 … Can I take the course when I get my act together. Bill Balkus

    Eric Bobrow - July 27, 2015

    Hi Bill –
    Your membership in the Best Practices Course is permanent, so you can take the course whenever you are ready. The course lessons have been set up to cover all versions since ArchiCAD 10, with separate sections for different versions where necessary. You’ll have everything you need to get rollling, when the time is right.


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