My Incredibly Awesome “Garage Remodel Music Studio SALE”

Perhaps you can relate to my personal story.

It’s a tale of problems and solutions.

Each problem has a creative solution; each solution leads to the next problem (or challenge).

In the end, it has led me to this conclusion: a HUGE Garage Remodel Music Studio SALE on all my ArchiCAD Training Courses and products that runs from today through Tuesday November 3.

Read on and you’ll see how this came about, and what it all means…

(You could simply click the link to check out the sale offers, but then you’d miss all the fun.)
I invite you to take 5 minutes and enjoy the “back story.”



Ayden and his friend Cassie recording a song

Our son Ayden is 25. He graduated with a major in Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is a talented and aspiring musician, a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who plays violin, guitar and piano.

With his university Literature degree, he went to work in a few retail stores at minimum wage. So much for the value of a college education.

He saw an opportunity to work for a fitness studio chain in their head office, creating and editing music for their fitness classes. He wrote an impassioned cover letter, got the interview, and got the position. Now he’s finally got a job in his field!

It’s only half-time, but it’s a great next step for him.

The only problem: the job is in San Francisco, 90 minutes from Santa Cruz. The good news: we live in San Rafael, half an hour from the new job.

Can you guess what happened next?
He moved back home with us.

Can you relate so far?


Le’ema and I have had an “empty nest” for 7 years now. We’ve been enjoying our beautiful home and our time together.

I took over our son’s old bedroom; we like having the extra space. Having Ayden move back into that bedroom wasn’t even something we considered.

There is a small room above my office (in a little out-building in the backyard), accessible by a wooden ladder staircase. That’s where my son landed, and he’s fine with that. It’s tiny, but cozy and quiet.

The problem: he needs a music studio for practice and working on his music editing and electronic compositions.


Ayden working in his new music studio

The opportunity / solution: Our attached garage is a perfect size.

The big problem: it was filled with boxes, the accumulation of almost 30 years of living together.

The obvious solution: clear out the junk, remodel the garage, put in some nice wall cabinets, and reduce, reorganize and redistribute our boxes.

Le’ema encouraged me. She is an expert in Feng Shui (the Chinese art and science of creating functional and graceful spatial arrangements) and she said that when we cleared out this corner of our home, it would open the way for more energy to flow.


For the past couple of months we’ve been going through all of our “stuff”, giving away and recycling quite a bit of it.

I’ve moved so many boxes so many times I’ve become quite fit. Well, more fit, anyway.

Now he’s got a great little studio for practice and creative work.
Hooray! It looks awesome. I never thought our garage would look so cool.
(Check out the picture with him working in the space.)



Framing detail above new window (showing gas line and electric conduit, now set behind the furred out wall)


New entrance door and window, furred out wall (notice the fresh wood 2×2 strips building out the original 2×4’s)

Well, the garage remodel cost some bucks.
We did it on the cheap, but still…

We needed a new garage door.
We added a new window to provide natural light.
Then there was the new side entrance door.

The wall had to be furred out to allow space for the gas line and electric conduit that ran in front of the existing studs.
Then of course there was insulation and drywall.
Additional demolition and framing.
Mud and paint.


Panorama of the garage created using Photosynth app on my iPhone

The space transformed.
Adding in wall cabinets, then a nice piece of carpet on the floor.
A fan in the rafters.

Total bill: approaching $15K.
As I said, we did it on a budget.


So now we have our son home, with a music studio.
It’s mostly wonderful.

But then the next month of bills came in.
The problem: I’ve been busy working on the remodel, and our extra funds had gone into the garage.

Which brings us to the final solution in this chain of events.
The one that directly concerns you.


Well, I’m nothing if not creative and resourceful.

As you know, I have created a business from my ArchiCAD experience, teaching ArchiCAD users like you to get up to speed and take greater advantage of the power of the software. Over 25 years, I’ve developed an entire “Best Practices” methodology that works well for lots of ArchiCAD users around the world. (About 1500 architects and designers from 70 countries at last count.)

I need to raise some cash right now.
I don’t want to have a “Fire Sale” – we’ve had some big fires in California recently and that’s not the right metaphor.

Besides, this is really just a “natural occurrence”, not a natural disaster.
People remodel their garages.
Everyone has to pay their bills.

So I’m calling it my big “Garage Remodel Music Studio Sale.”


All of my ArchiCAD training courses and products as well as MasterTemplate, my popular “office standard” in a box.

How big is the sale?
Put it this way, the discounts are HUGE – certainly large enough that you should take a look.

If you’ve found my free tutorials useful, you’ll love what’s “behind the curtain” in the member area of my websites.

If you’ve bought some of my training products, you know what I mean.

If you’ve got only SOME of my products, here’s your chance to round out the collection at a bargain price.

For all the details, please go to this page.


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