Cyber Monday SALE


OK, let’s have some more fun with this. Some online retailers have announced “Cyber Monday” sales, extending Black Friday sales through the Monday after the weekend.

And some people wrote in saying they were out of town and couldn’t place an order until they got back on Monday.

So….I’ve decided to extend the sale through Monday TUESDAY night at midnight PST. I couldn’t keep the bargains the same, but you’re still going to get a great deal. (Particularly since these are not items you consume, they are INVESTMENTS in yourself that will give you benefits for a LONG time to come.)

SORRY – the sale is over…

– Eric

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Chuck Schutz - December 2, 2013


Is there any specials for upgrades from version 16 to 17, assuming 17 is ready now?


    Eric Bobrow - December 2, 2013

    Hi Chuck –
    You may purchase the upgrade for MasterTemplate for only $95 during this sale, rather than the standard $125. Login to the member area of the MasterTemplate website and use the MasterTemplate Upgrade link in the left sidebar. When you go to make the purchase, a $30 discount will be applied.


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