Best Practices Course – Anniversary FIRE SALE!

The Best Practices ArchiCAD training course is on sale now!No, we’re not going out of business… but that little birthday cake candle started a big FIRE! We’ve got over 540 ArchiCAD users signed up from 49 countries all over the world, and we’re celebrating!

Come on in and get warm – baby it’s cold outside (at least in the northern hemisphere) at this time of year.

Check out our big FIRE SALE!

From now until next Friday December 16, you’ll save $200 off course registration, which was a great value to begin with.
And, for the first 50 who jump on the opportunity, I’m offering a special FAST MOVER bonus worth $125!


I started the Best Practices Course one year ago to fill a real gap for ArchiCAD users. I’ve been developing a comprehensive ArchiCAD training that goes over all aspects of using the program from a Best Practices perspective – the most efficient and effective ways to get your work done.

The course is comprised of 29 modules that form a coherent sequence. Each module consists of 3 to 5 video lessons of 10 to 20 minutes focused on a particular topic. You can watch them on demand, and these bite-size pieces fit easily into even the busiest schedule.

  • Course members report they start gaining productivity quickly, more than enough to free up time for learning! In fact, I’ve received statements from many members that they are working 25% to 50% faster overall – some even say twice as fast, believe it or not! (These methods work.)

In addition to the video lessons, when you sign up for the Best Practices Course you get access to my ArchiCAD Coaching Program, a regular web session in which you can ask me any question you wish. This is designed to help you put all this theory into practice in your actual projects.

There’s lots more to tell you – so go to the website and find out more – and sign up while the blaze is burning bright!

Learn more about the Best Practices Course – grab the FAST MOVER bonus now!


I have lost count of the number of enthusiastic comments I’ve received from course members. I try to file them away in my email system for later reference, and at last count there were 245 messages in that folder.

Here’s one of the most recent ones, which will give you an idea of what you’ll feel like after you sign up for the course:

“Eric, I have been blown away by The Best Practices Course.

For many years now I have attempted to become proficient in my use of ArchiCAD. There is no doubt that ArchiCAD is a powerful tool and that its BIM approach is hitting the mark for our present day constructability needs in architectural drafting. However, the full use of this powerful tool is only realized to the extent to which the user is knowledgeable and proficient in its use.

This course opens the door to that knowledge and proficiency. The course is extremely organized and your teaching method and style allows for individual growth at their own pace.

I have been amazed over and over again as this course has progressed. You have explained in great detail the “How To’s” and have left nothing to chance. You are an excellent teacher.

There is nothing like this course out there and WHAT A VALUE! I can’t think of any educational tool that I have every purchased that beats this value. You have provided more than anyone would ever expect. Thanks again!”

— Paul Fewell, Hemet California USA

Join the 540 members of the Best Practices Course and you’ll be “blown away” too.
I guarantee it.

Check out our Anniversary FIRE SALE – get in quick and grab the FAST MOVER bonus!


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santiago - February 22, 2012

Mi opcion es aprender a dominar el archicad en vista que manejo el autocad y deseo aprender algo mas felicitaciones gracias


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